Top 10 LG G3 Tips and Tricks to Use your LG Smartphone Like a Pro

LG G3 is one of the latest flagships in the current smartphone world.

Just recently, this phone received the update to the new Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, which is an addition to the many innovative features that this device comes with.

With the help of these 10 tips and tricks, you can get the most out of your LG G3 smartphone and enjoy the best experience with this device on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Restricted access in guest mode

You can specify the maximum number of apps that guests can access on your LG G3 using the guest mode. This is a very convenient feature as it casts away any worries when you lend your phone to a friend or a relative for they’ll not be able to snoop around your personal information. Furthermore, there is no access to the Notifications bar as well as the App Drawer, when using the LG G3 in guest mode.

It is also possible to use a knock code in disabling this guest mode feature on the fly.

Adjusting LG G3 navigation buttons

It is possible to adjust the navigation buttons of your LG G3 to whatever you feel is fitting you. You can put the home button on the left or even the back button on the right. You can change the capacitive buttons’ arrangement as well as hide them when not in use.

Quick access to camera and notes apps

On your LG G3 flagship, you can easily access the camera and notes apps without having to launch them manually or when in standby. By pressing and holding the volume down button, the camera app will launch. Doing the same with the volume up button will launch the notes app. Unlike with the navigation buttons, these assignments are fixed. Furthermore, the features are also determined by whether your LG G3 is protected by a pin code, pattern code or knock code.

In case the device is protected, you’ll be forced to unlock the device first before firing up either of the two apps.

Using two apps in one window

It is possible to multitask on a single window using your LG G3. To do this, long press the back button and you’ll open up the dual window feature. In this setting, you can see a number of system apps in one window on the screen; for instance, maps, browsers, email, news, and others. In order to use two apps, drag and drop each on either the upper or lower section (half) of the screen. It is also possible to adjust the size ratio of the displayed windows by simply dragging the middle bar.

Adding handwritten notes to screenshots

Practically every Android-based device can take amazing screenshots. However, the LG G3 has more than just screenshots. Using the QuickMemo+ feature, it is possible to add handwritten notes to these screenshots.

Starting up QMemo+ can be done in a number of ways that include going through the Quick Settings and adding in the function’s own navigation button or simply swiping towards the top of your home screen and then again towards the right.

Resize the keyboard

If the keyboard is too large and you feel its occupying too much space or maybe it’s a little smaller than you want it, it is possible to resize it. However, there is a catch and it’s that the LG G3 keyboard must be held in portrait mode regardless of the customizations. In your G3 Settings, select Language and Input and then tap on “LG Keyboard”. Go ahead and make the changes you need with respect to height and layout of the keyboard. It is also possible to split the keyboard apart when the phone is held in landscape mode. Furthermore, you can also enable a one-handed mode of operating the keyboard.

Enable intelligent screen

This feature is similar to what Samsung offers its users, where, if enabled, it keeps your phone’s display lit up as long as you are staring at it. Even though this feature is a battery hog, it is a very useful feature for those looking at a specific thing for a long period of time.

Change the display look and contrast

In your LG G3 settings, tap on the Accessibility option and from the options that pop up, select Color Matching. This option will let you change the display look and contrast of the whole surface and this includes the icons and background. Once the feature has been enabled, you can change the color settings of your interface by dragging your finger right across the screen and choose a color you like.

Enable the floating access button   

You can access the key functions of your LG G3 using an extra button which you can place anywhere on your home screen. Functions such as volume control, settings, home screen, on/off and back can be accessed using a floating button. To enable this button, go to Accessibility settings and then select “Universal Touch” and you’ll see the button on your screen.

Changing chat history themes and background

You can change the default theme of the messaging app through your device’s settings. Just navigate to the messaging app settings and choose “View Conversation Topic” and proceed by changing the look as well as background of speech bubbles. You can also use an image of your choice in the background.

Changing app icons

The LG G3 will let you change the appearance of an icon of an app from its default look by long pressing the specific app icon and when you let it go, a small paint brush will appear on the top right of the icon. Tapping on this paintbrush icon will bring up a selection of icons from which you can pick one and replace the selected icon.

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