New Apple TV will Sport a Remote Control with Mini Touchpad

The current remote for the Apple TV is easily the best in the market, because it is really compact, easy to hold and allows you to get to the channel you need, without much difficulty.

But, the one thing that it doesn’t have is a touchpad, which would make it far better than it already is. Rumors claim that Apple is all ready to launch the new Apple TV during the WWDC 2015 conference scheduled for the month of June. When they do, they are not going to drastically change the hardware in the existing set top box, but will rather surprise the crowd by launching a new remote which will have a mini touch pad integrated on top of it.

Major Upgrade for Apple TV

For almost three years, the same Apple TV set top box has embraced homes and by now they are almost outdated. The hardware is ancient and the company for some reason didn’t bother to revamp it at all. Instead they focused on other products like the iPhone, iPad or their own Macbooks. The time has come to change it and if rumors are to be believed, the company is going to launch a new box at the WWDC 2015.

Their rivals including the Roku box, Amazon Fire TV and even the tiny Google Chromecast is now far ahead. Apple has a lot of catching up to do which they plan to accomplish by not only upgrading the hardware in the existing box but will also consider doing something their rivals wouldn’t think of. If they use a mini touchpad on a tiny remote, it would easily be an upgrade that other companies couldn’t do easily because of the cost factors.

Design Features

The news adds that the upcoming touchpad remote control will be small in size but will be thicker than the previous model. Apple plans to keep it big so as to integrate the necessary hardware inside to make the touchpad work efficiently. Apple TV will have a better support for 4K content, more exclusive channels and will also use a remote that will break the barriers, as most people associate remotes as complicated devices that are too tough to use.

Apart from the new set top box, the company is also said to be revealing their next iOS 9 operating system. The OS will be showcased during the event but an initial launch will be in September.

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