WhatsApp On iPhone Gets Targeted By Hackers

Attention all WhatsApp users: if you lost your handset or if by any chance it fell into the wrong hands, it can be hacked. How? Through your telephone number. There is a video that has been causing some waves recently. This particular video shows how a person can simply gloom on to your WhatsApp account. And yes, you may be asking yourself, but what about the verification procedure? It doesn’t help you, because the hacker will use it to his own advantage.

This is a strategy that can be easily used on each and every single one of the mobile platforms. Of course, the person hacking your account must have the phone number. iPhone users are in for some bad news: you are the number one target here, because your device permits Siri to work when your handset is locked. So if your iPhone falls into the wrong hands, the hacker can easily find out your mobile number because it can demand it from Siri. And then it’s down hill from there.

So here is how this all goes down: One simply creates an account on WhatsApp on a different mobile device, but the hacker uses the number from the stolen handset. The app will need a PIN number in order to check the account and the individual in charge of this operation can simply pick the phone call verification option. Then, the account will be validated and their personal phone and he/she can log into the app’s account. This really functions because the call initiated by WhatsApp can be answered without having to actually unlock the mobile device.

Although, it is not considered a weak spot in Siri or WhatsApp, users still have to be careful when using their phone, especially in public and crowded areas. In order to avoid such a misfortune, we advise iPhone devotees to simply deny access to Siri when the handset is locked. In this case, it does make a difference!

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