HTML5 Mobile App Development – Earn Easy Money From Creating Mobile Applications

The developers are focusing more on building applications for Android and iOS, which have a huge number of users, but recently, Windows and Blackberry OS started receiving more applications, built using HTML5 tools. There are many developers making nice money from selling mobile applications and HTML5 is the technology that is becoming more visible nowadays. If you’re tempted to build a “career” from making mobile apps with HTML5, we’ll give you some tips to succeed.

The application must be supported by multiple OSes

If you want your application to grow in popularity, it should be compatible with multiple platforms, so that more users can have access to it. There are many applications which can be installed on Android and iOS and their developers made a lot of money since they released them. To build an application that is supported by more platforms, you can use PhoneGap or other open source framework.

See what types of applications are downloaded the most

There are three types of applications: native, web or hybrid, which serve for different purposes. There applications for editing photos and videos, there are weather apps, music apps and many more, and the users can download them from the official stores of their operating systems. Before starting building an application, you must understand the client necessities and you can make a packaged application which can be downloaded and installed from the store, or you can allocate resources anywhere on the web server.

Design applications that work on different screen sizes

Smartphones have various resolutions and sizes. Low end devices have smaller screens and resolutions, while high end devices have screens of 5-6inches and resolutions of up to 1440 x 2560 pixels. If we look at the new trend, it seems that the manufacturers are focusing on bigger shaped devices, but as a developer, you shouldn’t neglect the low-end market, because there are many consumers interested in using cool applications that fit into their phone’s small screens.

The size of files must be small

If a phone has a small internal memory, the APK file required for installation can eat a lot of storage room. That’s why we recommend you to make your application as small sized as possible.


If you don’t have imagination, pre-built templates are very useful when it comes to decreasing the development budget. Use the template and your coding skills and make the application without making too much effort.

Offer offline support

Not all users have access to the internet, so they download packaged applications, instead of hosted apps. If you want your application to be more appreciated, then deliver offline support to help it work flawlessly.

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