Xiaomi Redmi 1S – How to Fix and Prevent Quick Battery Drainage Issue?

Reports on the web world and consumer feedback reveals severe battery drainage issues with the Redmi 1S, a product from Xiaomi.

The phone is known to drain battery overnight despite lying idle. Feedbacks come in with users complaining battery drainage of the Redmi 1S from 40% up to 50% overnight. It is a considerably big number and an alarming issue to worry. Is the Redmi 1S a faulty device? The probability of the device being faulty cannot be ruled out, but not every problem can be related to the device being faulty. However, the impression Chinese products cast on Indian minds is that of low quality and faulty products. It is not true. Battery drainage can be caused due to a myriad of problems. Therefore, before the users declare their phone faulty, the user must ensure that the below mentioned factors are not causing overnight battery drainage.

Xiaomi conducted certain tests and concluded that the Redmi 1S comprises of a long and stable battery. However, the battery drained severely under specific conditions. Disabling and tweaking a few functions would fix the issues efficiently. Find below some tips to fix and prevent quick battery drainage problems.

Search for the Real Culprit

The problem would be effectively dealt with, once you are aware of the problem. You have to isolate the issue by going to ‘Settings’, then to ‘Battery’ and further select ‘Battery Use’ to nip the problem in the bud. The procedure would enable you to understand the issue that is draining the battery drastically. In case, the issue lies with some function or app, it can be uninstalled or blocked and check for signs of improvements. An app can be uninstalled and check for battery drainage issues by putting phone under surveillance. Re-install to see if the problem persists or not.

Frequently Clearing of RAM

For users who perform multitasking a lot, they should clear the RAM of the phone on a regular basis. In addition, unnecessary applications should be closed when not required. Any app opened by the user keeps running in the background, unless closed manually by the user. It consumes power and drains battery comprehensively. In case, your device is running a myriad of applications in the background, the battery would take a toll and drain considerably. It is imperative that RAM should be cleared occasionally.

The process is helpful in saving the Xiaomi Redmi 1S battery from severe battery drainage.

Third-Party Launcher  

Switching to other launchers such as Google, APEX, APUS and more can prove to be fruitful. The MIUI is heavy and consumes plenty of RAM for running the launcher. Customizations, Graphics, Animations and similar features consume loads of power. Making a switch to a third-party launcher would curb the issue. The device would work efficiently and effectively. Overall, the phone would save on power. Some application or theme could be the main reason for excessive battery drainage. Uninstall the faulty theme or app and check for improvements.

Disable Wi-Fi when Unused

When you do not require Wi-Fi, it should be turned off, unless downloading is in progress. Disabling Wi-Fi is a suitable option when not required. A Wi-Fi scheduler third-party application can be made use of to disable Wi-Fi automatically. Scheduling Wi-Fi can save power and fix severe battery drains.

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