Apple Maps vs Google Maps vs Waze Free Download – Comparing the Functions and Features

Navigation apps are some of the most popular apps today. After all, they do help us get around, and people cannot seem to have enough of getting around.

These apps have made it much cheaper to get directions as there is no need for bulky and expensive GPS systems anymore. The only problem is that we are spoilt for choice, as there are quite a number of apps to choose from. To narrow down your options, here is a review of the top 3 navigation apps – Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps.


Waze is one of the most used navigation apps, and for good reason. Unlike Google and Apple maps, Waze makes use of side streets. It also comes with some nifty features that are not available in the rest. One of the most outstanding features is the unique reporting system. Users help collect data and report on the same, making the map more interactive and real time. Normally, users will mark the map with locations where there are accidents, police or even traffic. This enables other drivers to make informed decisions, as they plan their route. Warnings are posted to the app or sent as messages to users. This gives Waze a social network feel that keeps it head and shoulders above the rest. But there is one problem – lagging. The app is quite lagging even on LTE, but this is a small price to pay for the level of detail you get.

Google Maps

Of the 3, Google Maps is probably the most disappointing. While it is okay for the most part, it does have some glaring flaws. For one, the UI is horrible and features a lot of pointless animations. Getting directions on the app is a nightmare – compared to the rest of the apps. It takes too many clicks before you can get directions. It only makes sense to have commonly used addresses such as home or work to be a tap away. Moreover, the turn by turn navigation is a bit off and you might end up taking a wrong turn at some point. The app desperately needs some improvement.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is surprisingly quite good – surprising, because they bungled the first time round. The app works flawlessly. There are no lags and the turn by turn directions are right on the money. When you are driving along a street, it adjusts to your speed and warns you of a turn well in advance. It has a crisp clean interface that is very refreshing, especially after using Google Maps. Routing to common destination is instant (are you listening Google?). The only minor hitch is with ending navigation. It could have been done better. It requires that you tap for it to appear in the top left corner and another tap to end it. This process could have been made much easier by if the “End” button was placed where the “List steps” button is.

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