“Big Helmet Heroes” is Coming Soon: Check Out the Trailer!

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Are you nostalgic after those “ancient” 2D games for platforms such as SNES, NES, or PSP? Do retro games that were built around the “beat ’em up” formula make you willing to play them again? Are you fed up with modern games that demand too much time for the new updates? If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, it means that you should definitely give “Big Helmet Heroes” a try!

There’s no use feeling hurt in your gamer ego if you’ve never heard about “Big Helmet Heroes”. That’s because we’re talking about an upcoming game, one that will make many of us come back for more! That’s because “Big Helmet Heroes” is the moniker for a 3D beat ’em-up game that’s teeming with cute knights!

“Big Helmet Heroes” is coming soon

All we know at this point is that “Big Helmet Heroes” is coming soon, whatever that means. Usually, it should mean that we will have only one or two months to wait, which is not that bad. As for the best-case scenario, it could also mean that the game launches in about a week or two.

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s go ahead and feast our eyes on the reveal trailer for “Big Helmet Heroes”:


The system requirements for playing this game will obviously be pretty low, as we can easily conclude after watching the trailer a bit. As long as you have at least Windows 10 running on your PC, that’s all you need to know! However, you will also have the chance to play “Big Helmet Heroes” on PlayStation and Xbox consoles when the game becomes available!

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