Choosing Chiaotzu in Dragon Ball Video Games Can Be a Great Move: Top Reasons

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Chiaotzu might look goofy, and he might even deceive someone into believing that he is Tienshinhan’s Pokemon, but the truth is that the little guy has some truly impressive fighting techniques. It’s not exaggerated to say that even a Super Saiyan would have trouble in the face of some of Chiaotzu’s fighting maneuvers, at least in Dragon Ball video games.

Therefore, you should definitely consider giving Chiaotzu a chance in Dragon Ball games such as the Budokai Tenkaichi series. We can realistically hope to see the little guy compete in the upcoming Dragon Ball Sparking! ZERO, which will also be known as Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Budokai 4.

It’s time to find out what Chiaotzu is really capable of and why he deserves his place in Dragon Ball-related video games!

The kamikaze attack

Chiaotzu has a powerful kamikaze attack that he can use as a last resort. This technique allows the fighter to turn his whole body into a powerful bomb, similar to how Majin Vegeta did in the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z when he fought the fat Majin Buu. Chiaotzu’s attack can be very powerful indeed, and we’ve only seen it once in the show during the fight against Nappa, a very evil Saiyan who came to Earth to achieve immortality by finding and using the dragon balls.

Chiaotzu’s kamikaze attack can definitely be even more effective in video games, which means that you should definitely try it if you plan to use Tien’s trusted ally!


Back in the original Dragon Ball series, when Goku was a child, Chiaotzu proved to be able to paralyze his opponents during battles. As a result, the adversaries of Chiaotzu couldn’t move anymore and were left useless in the face of other attacks of the little fighter. However, this attack might not work if the opponent is too powerful, but when it comes to the original Dragon Ball series, the idea of power levels was pretty much nonexistent. The show focused a lot more on martial arts rather than power levels, power-ups, and energy waves.

Chiaotzu’s paralysis technique can be highly effective in video games as well, although you need to act fast and hit the opponent with other attacks ASAP. The paralysis attack won’t last forever!


Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate objects with the power of your mind, and Chiaotzu is pretty good at it. This can be a very powerful weapon in both anime and related video games, even though we have to admit that Chiaotzu is not the only Dragon Ball character capable of performing the technique. We’ve also seen it in Frieza, Captain Gyniu, and other Dragon Ball characters.

Throwing a boulder at your opponent might be the only chance you have to stop him, and luckily or not, Chiaotzu is a master of such a technique!

Dodon Ray

Dodon Ray is a powerful finger beam released by Chiaotzu, and it’s even comparable in power with the Kamehameha wave. The Dodon Ray has been used by other members of the Crane School as well, not just Chiaotzu. Mercenary Tao was the first to use it, while characters such as Tien and Chiaotzu might have even perfected the technique.

Chiaotzu’s Dodon Ray can be highly effective in video games as well, so don’t hesitate to use it if you are a fan of both Dragon Ball and gaming!

Even though we need to admit that Chiaotzu is a weak fighter compared to the rest of the Z warriors, especially in Dragon Ball Z and Super, there’s no denying that the little guy knows some truly unique fighting techniques!

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