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Anybody that has an Android phone needs to go ahead and download the Play Store. If you fail to do this, then you need to be aware that you are seriously limiting what you will be able to do with your smartphone and what is the point in doing that?

Surely you want to be able to choose from the widest possible range of apps for this operating system? Surely you want to be able to choose from hundreds of thousands of apps covering a wide range of topics and ideas rather than virtually just a handful?

Getting That All Important Download

Getting the download involves you going through a few steps in order to get everything to work perfectly at the first time of asking. The one thing that you need to know at the outset is that it is not simply a case of downloading a Google Play Store file, but instead you have to look out for the APK version although even that should not prove to be too difficult.

The other thing that you need to do is to have a Google account, but remember that is free to have and even if you have not created one already, then you will be prompted into doing so as you go to set up the app itself. Remember that the Play Store is directly linked to this account, so perhaps you even want to create a brand new account just for this app?

Installing It On Your Phone

So, after you have downloaded the APK version, then you need to go to the settings part of your phone and then look for the security option. In there, you will see a box that allows third party apps to be installed and that is absolutely essential if you want this app to work. Tick the box and then save the settings before going to the download and opening it. This will then allow you to start the installation process with it being linked to your account and within seconds you will be able to start downloading apps and installing them like crazy.

So, to summarize things:

  • You need to download the APK version.
  • You must change the setting in your security settings for it to work, but change it back after the installation.
  • Have a Google account as it is going to be linked to it.
  • Remember to install the Play Store as it gives you more options for apps to download than you will find anywhere else.

The Play Store is the absolute market leader when it comes to sheer numbers of apps for you to install. It surpasses pretty much every other store added together, including the App Store for Apple, and this is a good enough reason for you to download it immediately. Do not worry about changing that setting as it is completely safe to do so, but just remember to switch it back or your security may be compromised as it would allow your phone to download extra programs without your knowledge.

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