Block Strangers on WhatsApp

Are you tired of getting messages from strangers on WhatsApp? Do you know the simple ways of blocking such people? Well, there are a number of ways that you can use to block strangers who are not in your phone-book from messaging you on WhatsApp. You can either block such contacts or change your account settings to be visible to your contacts only.

How to Block Strange WhatsApp Contacts

It is simple to block strangers trying to message you on WhatsApp. Blocked contacts will not get “last seen” updates from you. They will also not get access to your profile picture and when they happen to send a message, only a single tick will appear on their WhatsApp account. This indicates that you have not read their messages. Here are three easy steps to follow when blocking someone on WhatsApp.

1. The first step is to access your WhatsApp account and click on OPTIONS button. Some icons will appear on the screen of your phone where you will scroll down to SETTINGS option.

2. Click on SETTINGS => ACCOUNT => PRIVACY => BLOCKED CONTACTS. This will give you access to contacts on phone-book and an option to block any of them. Remember that if the strange number sending you messages on WhatsApp is not in your phonebook, then the best and simple way to block them is by clicking on the BLOCK option when you receive their messages.

3. Once you get access to contacts on your phone-book, the final step is scrolling down as you pick on the strange numbers that sent you messages and block them permanently. It is important to realize that when you block people on WhatsApp, you will no longer receive WhatsApp messages from them.

Alternatives to Blocking Strangers:

* Account Settings

WhatsApp application has provided alternative options that enable only contacts that are on your phone-book to have access to your account. This prevents strangers from sending you messages on WhatsApp as they have no access to your account unless they are listed on your phone-book.

You can click on OPTIONS => SETTINGS => ACCOUNT => PRIVACY => PROFILE PICTURE and change it to “Only my Contacts” option.

You can also change the privacy settings so that only your contacts will get “Last Seen” updates from you. Strangers will not know when you are online or the last time you accessed your account. This will reduce the number of strange messages streaming to your WhatsApp account.

* Minimize Groups

If you have joined WhatsApp groups where there are thousands of members, then you should know that all these people can see your profile picture and your contacts. The probability of having strangers sending you WhatsApp messages after getting your contacts from the group is always high.

You can minimize the number of groups you join or talk to the admin about blocking members who are harassing you by sending strange messages on your WhatsApp account.

These are some of the best and easy ways of getting rid of strangers on WhatsApp. Also remember to use a standard profile picture to avoid weird admirers. Most unfamiliar persons look at your profile picture and the name you use on your WhatsApp account before sending you strange messages. Always avoid profile pictures and account names that are suggestive to strangers.

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