Roku 4 Release Date and Features – Future of Television

Without any doubt, streaming devices are the future of Television. Sooner or later, people will no longer need to sign with a local cable TV company or use a Satellite TV antenna to watch their favorite shows. It seems that more and more streaming players are being released and as expected, a lot of people love technology and prefer to use the new devices that are being released.

Using Roku, you can stream videos using the internet using via a direct cable or a Wi-Fi network. Roku’s player comes with no limitation to where it can be connected and there are a lot of channels available on it. It can stream from YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Now TV, WWE Network, HBO Go and more. The users can remove or add channels as they wish via the Roku Channel Store. There are also games available for this device, so in case you get bored, you can start playing a game to kill time.

If rumors prove to be right, the new Roku device is going to be released soon and will be named Roku 4. One of the biggest indications is that the price of the Roku 3 has been reduced from 99 dollars to 76 dollars. At the same time, Apple TV has dropped its price and now it’s being sold for only 69 dollars in order to keep the competition with the Roku 3.

Roku 3 was released in March 2013 and came with a Wi-Fi direct remote and not a Bluetooth one. The device is powered by a BCM11130 processor clocked at 900MHz and had 512MB of RAM. The device has 256MB of internal storage but also supports expansion.

It is believed that the upcoming Roku 4 will be able to stream videos at 4K resolution. It seems that the 1080p streaming has now become common and almost all the latest generation streaming devices have it. This is why the developers of Roku have to come with something new in order to make their device to be sold well. Netflix already introduced Ultra HD and it seems that Roku 4 will be able to use it to stream at a great resolution. However, it seems that in order to stream at this high resolution, the device will need a big bandwidth, so make sure you have a good connection.

The Roku 4 is expected to be released sometime in April 2015.

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