8 Unique iOS Features That You May Not Know

iOS has been a primary operating system for Apple based devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod. Every year a new version takes over previous one with more advancements and better technological compatibility. Every iOS is loaded with set of features that are made in accordance with their users’ needs. Without any doubt these features are widely accepted and appreciated throughout the world. But still there are many features that do not get into limelight either because they are not widely or commonly used due to their lack of accessibility to general user or because they are not promoted well as compared to other major features.

We have compiled a handsome list of such features that you may not know but still they exist and can be utilized in a way they were meant to. These features range from certain special nodes of Siri to special Emojis.

Creating Custom Vibrations

If you want to identify certain callers just by noticing your ringtone, you can do it easily. But do you know that iOS has an option to customize vibrations as well. And that is not about picking up any vibration pattern out of available ones but to create your own ups and downs and set them as personal tone for any specified character. You can do that by following this path: Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration

Maximizing Use of Siri

Did you know that Siri can actually read anything? Well she can. It is just a matter of few settings and she will read whatever is bought upon her. You can activate this feature by following this path: Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Turn on Speech Selection

Frequent Locations and Disabling Them

iOS has a unique feature that it tracks your location and recommend stuff that may interest you considering where you are. If you are too much privacy conscious then you can turn it off too, and it saves some battery life as well.

Siri and the Flight Control

Siri can act as your flight control attendant. Just ask her “What planes are above me?” and she will tell you exact details of all the flights that have your location on their route.

Let Siri Take Your Selfie

If you face those embarrassing moments when you had to take a selfie but could not press the button while keeping the camera stagnant, then Siri can help you out. Just say to her “Take a selfie” and she will open Camera app.

Grayscale Mode

If you are tired of your regular colored HUD then you can kill all the colors and live the life of 1920s. By this way this will also save ample amount of battery life. Follow this path to enable this feature: Settings > General > Accessibility > turn On the Grayscale switch

Hiding Photos

Your Photos app can hide your selected photo and keep them only for your eyes away from your friends and nosey siblings. You can do that easily by just tapping on a picture and keeping it pressed. Select Hide from available options and the picture is gone for good.

Taking Photos While Recording Videos

Yes, be a magician. Do two things at once. There are times when you are recording movie and want to take a photo instead but do not want to turn off the video camera as well. You can do that with your iOS, while you are on recording mode, just press the circular white button on bottom left corner of your screen to take a shot out of your ongoing recording.

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