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Viber As A Messaging App

During these times, you might come across plenty of messaging apps meant for various smartphones. The number of people relying upon these applications is only increasing as the years pass by. Despite being introduced only recently (2010), Viber has managed to become quite popular. Apart from offering the features regularly found in the messaging applications, Viber takes it up a notch by giving the users a slew of features to enjoy. Not many people will be aware of the fact that more than 200 million people rely on this app every day and they are present in more than 193 countries.

Little Known Features Of The App

Let us consider some of the unique features of this messaging app in the rest of the discussion

  • Smart Notifications – If you are tired of multiple notifications, then this feature might turn out to be highly useful. The app will combine all the notifications for the messages (coming from a single person) into a so-called smart notification.
  • Conversation Switching – All those who engage in multiple conversations with this app might find this tip useful. It allows the users to change chat rooms quite easily. After entering any chat room, just swipe to the right of the device’s screen. Just tap the name of the friend / chat room and start typing.
  • Blocking and Unblocking Contacts – If you added someone who turns out to be annoying, it will be better to block that contact. Once blocked, the contact will not be able to have a one to one conversation with you. They cannot contact you via calls through Viber.
  • Hiding Your Online Status – Put this under the ‘privacy’ category because the others might not be able to see that you are online. Enabling this will also disallow someone else from seeing whether you have seen a message sent from his or her end.
  • Notifications Turn Off – While attending a class or a meeting, it will be wise to turn off all notifications from the app. The easiest way to do this is by going to the Android Settings Menu and unticking Show Notifications found under Apps subsection.
  • Screen Light Turn Off – Every time a message comes, the app might turn on the screen light. This could result in draining of the available battery power. Go to the app Settings and tap on Notifications. Then untick the Light screen for messages option. After disabling the screen light, you will notice a sudden and drastic improvement in the life of the battery.
  • Securely Delete Messages – Did you know that it is possible to erase messages from chat rooms? Please bear in mind that the deleted messages will still be visible to the other users. The actual message deletion will only happen on your device.
  • Wi-Fi Sleep –By default, the app will use the existing Wi-Fi connection to ping for new messages. This process too can turn out to be taxing for the battery, especially if you are planning to stay away from the power sockets for some time. You can find the option to use the device’s Wi-Fi sleep policy under General >> Wi-Fi Sleep Policy

Use The Desktop Version To Stay Connected With Friends

Viber messaging app is not just available for the smartphones but also for desktop users. Installing the desktop application will allow you to keep a tab over the messages even when you do not have access to the phone. As mentioned earlier, the app is useful for making calls to other Viber users. Data costs might involve while initiating and using the call facility. Likewise, anyone can use the app on any device / any network or even any country. Do keep us posted with your experiences.

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