WhatsApp Video Calling Feature – Free Video Chatting Soon?

WhatsApp has finally received the Voice Calling feature that many users were expecting for quite a while. The feature was in BETA testing on Android for a while and after that it was released for all the Android users. Soon enough, WhatsApp’s iOS users received the feature also, followed closely by the BlackBerry 10 version.

It seems that after Facebook bought the WhatsApp application for 19 billion dollars, they’ve started releasing a lot of new features. Even if many of the new features were not enjoyed by the users, we’re pretty sure that the Voice Calling feature made a lot of users to install this awesome application.

According to a twitter of Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp, WhatsApp has finally surpassed the 800 million monthly active users and it is growing pretty fast. As we mentioned above, we’re pretty sure that the Voice Calling feature was the main reason why WhatsApp surpassed the milestone of 800 million active users.

With the release of the Voice Calling feature, it seems that WhatsApp’s users want to see a new feature being added to the application. They are hoping that the developers will bring the Video Calling feature in the near future, so that they can enjoy video chatting with their friends and families spread all over the world, without paying anything.

However, let’s not forget that the current Voice Calling feature still needs some improvements as according to reports the calls are not as stable as they should be. According to several reports, the Voice Calls on WhatsApp are usually lagging or ending without any reason. This issue has been reported by several WhatsApp users and we’re pretty sure that the developers are currently working on fixing it (as they release new WhatsApp BETA Android versions every 2-3 days).

At the same time, the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is using a lot of data. It seems that the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature is using almost as much as Skype, but when comparing the two services, we can’t neglect the fact that Skype comes with HD quality calls, which currently WhatsApp doesn’t offer. If the Voice Calling is using so much data, we’re pretty sure that the Video Calling feature will make all your data (offered in the monthly plan) vanish within minutes.

There again, WhatsApp’s developers will most likely release the Video Calling feature. For now, there is no official news about this, but we’re pretty sure that as soon as the developers will fix all the issues that the Voice Calling feature has, they will start working on the Video Calling feature.

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