Oculus Quest 3: Release Date and Price

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The next version of the Oculus, Oculus Quest 3, could actually change our lives. It could be the best experience for us, but the real question is, when are we getting it?

So when is the release date?

As of now, there’s no official release date for Oculus Quest 3. We don’t even know if it’s going to be named Oculus Quest 3, as there is no official statement on the name. We know that the company is working towards a better future, so the problem here is not whether it will be released, but when.

According to rumors, Project Cambria is supposed to be the next Oculus Quest, and it seems that it will be released next year. Early reports show that it looks like an Oculus Pro model.

What about the price?

Right now, it’s hard to think of a price, but it will probably be around $300. Oculus Quest 2 costs around £299 for the 128GB model. And since Oculus Quest 2 is still considered to be the best VR set, we expect a lot from the Oculus Quest 3.


We can’t really say what we expect from specs, since we know so little about it. But by taking a look at the previous devices, we can learn a thing or two. We think that it wouldn’t be a surprise for the Oculus Quest 3 to use a 120Hz refresh rate, since it’s more and more common these days. Quest 2 was improved after the original model came with a 90Hz refresh rate.

For the processor, we’re thinking of Quest 2’s SOC, but an updated version, or the Snapdragon XR2.

Another question is…will it work with Meta? Stay tuned to learn more.


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