PlayStation Will Finally Have Discord Integration

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Last year, Sony officially announced that they are entering a partnership with Discord – so it’s finally happening, we’re getting Discord for PlayStation! Imagine the opportunities!

But, unfortunately, we do not have a clear release date for the integration. We did hear that it would happen sometime in 2022.

Rumour has it, one user was able to link their PlayStation account to their Discord one, and we think it might become official sooner than expected. In a now-deleted Reddit post, under the ‘Connections’ tab on Discord, he was able to link the account to the usual ones, like Facebook, Steam, and also to the ‘PlayStation Network.’ The user was asked how he was able to do it, and he said that he was able to “force enable” the feature after a Discord update. We should definitely not do that as it violates the ‘client modification’ terms of service.

So it seems that Discord is preparing for the integration, which is great news. It means it won’t be long until we’re getting the app on our consoles. We don’t exactly know what features will be available – are we getting voice chat or messaging? Xbox One players already have Discord, but it’s quite limited – you’re only allowed to see what others are playing.

CEO and President of Sony, Jim Ryan, stated that the goal of this collaboration is to “allow friends, groups, and communities to hang out, have fun, and communicate more easily while playing games together.” We believe that this means that the voice chat will be available for PlayStation players.

We think we will get our hands on this update sooner than expected, in 2022.

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