Samsung Galaxy S5 – Important Tips to Gain Additional Storage

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone did not generate sales as per the expectations of the South Korean Company.

Regardless, the Galaxy S5 has proven to be a spectacular device coming with a big fan following. The device has been out in the smartphone arena for some time now. Users would find themselves falling short of storage space. They are clueless on what should be done to gain extra space.

Find below an educative guide and some important tips to gain additional storage space on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Using microSD card

Samsung has been renowned to equip its devices with external memory card slots. The Galaxy series from Samsung is no exception to it. The external memory card slot would literally act as a secondary hard drive for your phone. It enables the user to move or store pictures, movies and application data. The inclusion of the external memory card slot would render the internal memory free. However, the user would be required to purchase a microSD card, available in various capacities.

Using Cloud Storage Application

In order to gain additional storage space, make use of the cloud storage application. The app would aid the user to avail free space used by multimedia. A list of cloud storage applications for Android has been compiled and made available for the user. Mostly, the user could set the applications to back up automatically any picture the user clicks. It would be safe to delete the picture from your device for the pictures would be stored as a back up in the cloud. In case, you desire to view the pictures again, the cloud storage would be at your disposal. It is a hassle-free and graceful solution.

This method would be dependent on your backup method. In case of Dropbox, you are required to turn on camera upload, present in the Dropbox setting app. The pictures you click in future along with those presently available with you will be backed up. Those pictures can be deleted from the GS5 to make additional space available at your disposal.

Delete Unused Applications

Apps are available in a myriad of sizes, with exorbitantly priced gaming apps consuming most of your storage. In case, you are not using specific apps, it is recommended you should delete those applications. Removal of unused applications would be the easiest and quickest method to gain additional storage. In case, you require those applications in future, they would be available for download on the web.

Clearing Application Data

Clearing application data would make enough space for your use. However, it might not come free. Android saves data when you do some work in apps. Clearing application data would enable you to pick and add from where you had left, similar to personalization. The process serves the purpose for applications that are seldom used. Meanwhile, for data that has not been touched for quite some time, the process may not be that useful.

Remove Unnecessary Videos, Music and Pictures

An obvious solution, but most people are not aware of the space the stuff occupies. Option to delete multimedia after certain period can be switched on, but certain files have to be hunted and removed manually.

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