WhatsApp Web for PC is Here – No Room for iOS Users Though

WhatsApp is a leading provider of instant messaging services across the globe.

As of December 2014, WhatsApp had recorded more than 700 million users across the globe, a figure which is only matched by Skype and surpassed by Facebook, who bought this instant messenger for an amazing $19 billion.

WhatsApp started offering people with the free instant messaging services in 2009 and it has grown to become a very huge service provider in this niche. Until now, WhatsApp was a mobile-based application, which means that users of other devices like PCs could not access the services of this application on their devices. However, with the new WhatsApp Web for PC, it is now possible for WhatsApp users to read and respond to their messages directly from their desktop or laptop.

No support for iPhone users

This is the catch of this new WhatsApp Web client. It only supports Android, Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The company claims that there are platform limitations from Apple’s iOS that have resulted in this inability to support these devices.

WhatsApp has a large user base in the iOS niche and it is expected that this problem will not last long before the two companies reach an agreement on how to incorporate this web client into the iOS niche.

How to connect to WhatsApp Web client

The new WhatsApp Web is not a native app and instead, it’s a web client which can be accessed only using the Chrome web browser. Go to the page web.whatsapp.com and you should be able to see a QR code appear on the screen.

On your phone, launch the new version of WhatsApp and from the application’s menu, select “WhatsApp Web” and you should be able to see a QR scanner appear on your screen, with clear directions on how you are supposed to go on with the scanning process. Note that if you happen to not see the WhatsApp Web phrase on the menu, you probably are using an older version of the app. Go to the official app store of your Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry phone and download the latest version of WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp Web for PC

Post the scanning of the QR code; the app will log you into the web client. However, you need to keep your phone connected to the internet. Furthermore, make sure your phone has enough battery power since all the messages that will be appearing on your WhatsApp Web client will first come through your phone, and then relayed to your PC. This process is done in real time and with impressive internet speeds; you won’t even notice the differences.

WhatsApp Web for PC has not changed its user interface and it looks similar to the mobile application, but on a larger window. All you can do with this web client is receive and respond to WhatsApp messages and nothing more. You cannot make any changes to the app from this end; all changes must be done from the mother app on your phone.

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