iOS 9 – What Should We Expect From The Upcoming iOS?

According to 9to5Mac, the upcoming iOS 9 will break from the tradition of coming with new features and functionality. Instead, it is rumored that Apple will focus on optimizing the iOS 9, bringing more stability and performance.

However, we believe that if Apple is really considering not coming with anything new on iOS 9 but at the same time will have a better performance and stability, most of the customers will be fine with it. However, at the same time, there is a high risk that Apple will fail bringing the “flawless” iOS 9, which will make a lot of people mad. As you know, there are more and more users migrating from iOS to Android, because of the features and the big amount of applications it comes with and if Apple doesn’t come with anything new on their iOS 9 but still fail bringing a good working operating system, then we can clearly say that there will be many more users that will be glad to ditch iOS over Android.

One of the big issues that iOS 8 comes with is that the operating system is consuming about 5GB of storage and Apple still continues to sell iPods, iPhones and iPads with 16GB storage. In our opinion, they should ditch the 16GB internal storage devices as they are clearly “outdated” if the iOS 8 is using over 30% of the storage.

While iOS 8 is working pretty well on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The owners of these two devices are probably asking themselves why Apple would focus on improving the stability and performance on the upcoming iOS 9. Well, the answer is quite simple, as many other “old” devices such as iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S are still having issues regarding Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, calendar and battery. Even if there are rumors that all these problems will be fixed as soon as iOS 8.2 is released, there is nothing sure yet.

So, if the rumors prove to be right, we’re going to have an iOS 9 not so different from iOS 8, but at the same time, we will most likely feel a big improvement on the performance and stability of the new OS.

If Apple will keep their “usual” release date for a new iOS, then the iOS 9 will be launched sometime in September 2015.

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