WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 6.7 Updated – New Features to Discover

WhatsApp Plus continues to release regular updates but a rather concerning news hit several news outlets. It seems that the original developer of WhatsApp Plus received a legal letter to halt future development of the app.

As of now the latest version is still functional and the ones who don’t have it yet here’s what new things have been added WhatsApp Plus version 6.7.

New Privacy Settings And Tools

In version 6.7 users can not check a contact’s activity. The app now checks contacts regularity and builds a log with the times when they were online, status changes, photo updates and so on. The app also includes a means of protection against the same feature by enabling users to hide their online status and disable blue ticks and the 2nd grey tick.

A new feature that was added is the ability to disable the typing/recording into in chats with a contact or with a group. This feature is completely new and could prove to be useful for the ones that have the tendency to write something then correct it multiple times before sending the message.

Interface Changes

The interface of the app suffered some changes. There are now floating buttons which are more in line with the design of Android 5.0 Lollipop. These floating buttons can be hidden if required. Also a new option to hide the search icon in the contacts screen has been added. In the chats screen a new configurable button has been added that users can customize any way they want.

Last but not least WhatsApp Plus is now available in multiple languages including German, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish.

AntiBan Added In The Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus 6.7 managed to fix one of the biggest problems that their users faced. Facebook, the owner of the original WhatsApp application started banning WhatsApp Plus and forcing them to get the official app to have the ban lifted. The WhatsApp servers now check the client version and will only lift the ban if the version detected is an official one. WhatsApp Plus 6.7 managed to bypass this check by making the servers believe that the official version is installed. This way even people that were banned would get unbanned and could still use WhatsApp Plus. Prior to version 6.7, WhatsApp Plus users did not have any option to unban themselves.

Further Development

The latest WhatsApp Plus version comes with a lot of changes. Many new features have been added and the visual updates make the app even more popular. Unfortunately there is legal pressure from Facebook that could stop the development of future versions. It is quite common to see developers react to these threats by giving away their code for free to anyone on the web and leaving the community to continue develop the app. It is not yet confirmed what kind of legal threats were made by Facebook. However, WhatsApp Plus version 6.7 is still available for download and works as expected. Even the Anti Ban feature seems to be fully functional and there is no sign from the official app to push an update that could break the ban prevention system of WhatsApp Plus.

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