Don’t Play Pokemon X and Y GBA Online! – It’s Not An Official Nintendo Game…

It’s been making the rounds for a while now and we’re here to confirm that Pokemon X and Y GBA Online is not official Nintendo version. That’s right. It’s not a legitimate Pokemon game, and has no Nintendo backing. Game piracy is an especially prevalent menace and Nintendo games, owing to their high playability and excellent graphics are often copied in the droves. Yet it’s hard to nail down the pirates when an official-looking version of the world’s most popular game appears online.

How do we know that Pokemon X and Y GBA Online is not official Nintendo version? Simple, because its description notes how it is a “fan hack” of the official Pokemon Emerald game, an older Pokemon title that came out for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance a few years ago. What the fans have simply done now is to take this version and hack it into X and Y, the name of a newer Pokemon series of games. It’s also extremely buggy and looks rather fake. That’s how we know that Pokemon X and Y GBA Online is not official Nintendo version of the game.

Also, Nintendo doesn’t stream its games online for free, nor does Sony or Microsoft. The game is a hacked “ROM” file, or a cartridge that’s been uploaded online and is now playable in a flash Game Boy Advance emulator. The hackers say that they have improved on the graphics from Pokemon Emerald and have added more Pokemon, yet still Pokemon X and Y GBA Online is not official Nintendo version, so you cannot be sure if the game will crash or not.

This is very important for a Pokemon title, which is a long-term game that demands hours of gameplay in order from the player to build up their collection of Pokemon. If this hacked game crashes or your connection goes offline, how will you access the game in the future?

It is still of course possible to play the cartridge version of Pokemon Emerald, the hacked version of the game Pokemon X and Y Online runs off. If you buy the cartridge online, it will work in a Nintendo 3DS, allowing to continue your adventure the way it was meant to be played, namely in-hand.

It feels weird to be playing a Nintendo game in a browser and without any support from the company, who will you turn to once your save-game is deleted?

Emulator games have been plaguing the game industry for decades now, and since the cartridge sizes of Game Boy games are prohibitively small in size, it’s unfortunately very easy for pirates to upload their efforts online.

Another important consideration to make is that if you decide to play this version, you’re supporting piracy. Pokemon Emerald is the type of game you should be playing with your friends, linking up together and trading Pokemon isn’t possible in this unofficial version. While it is fun to play around, you’ll eventually grow bored because you can’t trade and swap like you could in real life.

Now that you know Pokemon X and Y GBA Online is not official Nintendo version, you also know not to support it any longer. Grab the real cartridge and support the developers of the game instead.

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