WhatsApp Free Download 2.12.20 Private Beta For Windows Phone

The latest WhatsApp BETA version for Windows Phone is 2.12.20 and has already been spotted on the internet. According to the UserVoice website, this new version includes one of the most anticipated features that many WhatsApp users requested for quite a while.

In concordance with WMPowerUser website, the new WhatsApp version allows you to send and receive audio files on the application. This feature is currently unavailable for the WhatsApp users that have the latest stable version installed from the Windows Phone Store. WhatsApp 2.12.20 for Windows Phone also comes with a toggle button that allows you to disable and enable the alerts of read receipts. In case you turn off this feature, you will not know if the user to whom you’ve sent a message has read it or now, but at the same time nobody will know if you’ve read their messages, as well.

The new WhatsApp version comes with new chat bubbles and animations, along with more options for the contacts from your chat list. This version will most likely pass the BETA test soon enough and once it gets into the STABLE status, you will be able to get your “hands” on it.

Unfortunately, the WhatsApp 2.12.20 for Windows Phone doesn’t support the Voice Calling feature yet. This means that the most waited WhatsApp feature for the Windows Phone users will not be released soon enough.

It is good to known that WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature has already been released for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 but for some reason, it didn’t get released yet for the Windows Phone devices. According to some reports, the WhatsApp VoIP feature will also be released for the Windows Phone devices in short time.

If the rumors prove to be right, the main reason why the VoIP service got delayed for the Windows Phone users is that this OS doesn’t have as many users as iOS or Android.

There are also rumors saying that the upcoming WhatsApp version will have a feature called “Call via Skype”, which will allow the users to send instant video calls to their Skype contacts during a text chat. However, we’re not so sure about this “Call via Skype” feature, but soon enough we will find out if this is true or not.

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