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Viber is an instant messaging service and VoIP (Voice over IP) service primarily used for smartphones. Voice over Internet Protocol is a smart way of talking to friends or family using the data allowance on your smartphone, and with so much free Wi-Fi about these days, calls to friends or relatives via Viber can be pretty much free all the way.

Why would someone want to call using a standard phone to phone service when it can be achieved for free on Viber? Instant messaging is also free and takes the allowance straight from the data allowance once again, like voice to voice calls.

As well as messaging, Viber users can also send picture messages and video too. It is also possible to leave an audio message, so if your loved one is far away in any country and probably asleep, you could leave them a loving audio message of you saying how much you are missing them, and they can pick the voice message up when they get up in the morning.

Viber: A Solid Application for Messaging and Calling

In fact, Viber will also work on desk top computers but users must first download the app onto a phone before using the system on a standard computer. Viber is compatible with virtually all the major phone device types: Apple iOS, Android phones, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows. There is even a Linux version.

You will need a Wi-Fi connection to get the best service from the app but Viber will work effectively on a 3G or 4G network should you not be in a Wi-Fi hot spot.

Viber first reared in late 2010 but was only available for iPhone users. It was introduced as a direct competitor to the Skype service which was dominating the market at the time for VoIP systems. Pretty soon Android phones could use the system and then Viber became available on Bada, Symbian and Windows Phone applications.

Viber includes text, picture and video messaging across all platforms, with voice calling available only to iPhone, Android and the Microsoft Windows Phone although high-quality voice transmission is planned for the new upcoming Windows Phone 8.

It was not until late December 2013 that Viber introduced a facility to call out to numbers that were on a mobile phone or a landline. This relatively new feature is called Viber Out and account holders do not need to update the app in order to use the dial out service.

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