Dota 2 Had Over 1 Million Players, Still Smaller than League of Legend

Fans who simply adore Dota 2 wished that they manage to beat its rival League of Legends with its sheer number of players.

They have managed to touch a solid one million concurrent players on Steam but is it good enough?

Steam reported last week that they have a new record set by Defense of the Ancients game, commonly known as Dota 2. The massively multiplayer roleplaying genre title had a solid number of 1,075,464 players at the same time. It is a really prestigious feat accomplished by the digital distribution platform as well as for fans who just love the franchise for so long.

However, it is also to be noted that the game didn’t beat the records set by League of Legends. In fact, it hardly touched its rival which has over 7.5 million players playing it at once, a number that may be really hard to beat unless it becomes really popular among players in the upcoming months.

Counter Strike vs Dota 2

The concurrent player numbers continuously increase on Steam which is good news for PC gamers. More and more companies will show interest in making titles for the platform which is being considered dead by some players. But, in reality, there are almost every genre of game on computers including first person shooters to RPGs, racing and all AAA titles. Only console exclusives are missing but it doesn’t matter much because they are only a dozen in number throughout a console’s lifecycle.

Competing with League of Legends is not an easy task because the game has been around for a long time and has more number of players than Dota 2. However, from the numbers, it is confirmed that the game is on the right track and will definitely be anexcellent competitor in the near future.

Other Games on Steam

While Dota 2 has crossed the one million user mark, Counter Strike Global Offensive stands at second position with half a million. The other games that have made it to the top list include Team Fortress 2, Garry’s Mod, Civilization 5, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and Football Manager and there’s also Total War Rome II. There are many technical differences between these two games but technically they are almost the same but fans would argue otherwise. Defense of the ancients, Dota 2 has received some new updates which is expected to push it even further.

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