How to Create a Gmail Account – A Few Easy Steps for Creating Your Gmail Account

Our email accounts are important to us for many reasons, as most of us are probably addicted to using email for receiving and sending messages, files, photos, etc. For this reason it is relevant to own an email account that will meet our needs, and ensure easy and neat use.

Free email accounts from several websites, such as Yahoo, VK, Gmail, Hotmail, and more are pretty much familiar to anyone using email service. As Google has one of the most reliable and popular email services worldwide, in this article we’ll clarify the process of creating your own Gmail account step by step.

Basic Gmail Facts         

Google mail (Gmail) is an online email service with the function of storing your emails on the web, not on your computer. Gmail service was launched by Google in 2004, and it became really popular in a short time. Its popularity is just increasing with time, since the downfall of Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo!, more and more people start using Google’s Gmail. You get Google Talk feature, as well as 7GB storage space within Gmail service. Once you create your own Google Account, you will be able to utilize all delightful features by Google, such as Gmail, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Plus, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, and more.

All the Steps in Creating Your Gmail Account

When creating you Gmail account, you will begin with creating your Google Account. Within the sign-up procedure that is really rapid, you’ll be required to pick your name for your Google Account, and you’ll see that creating your own Gmail account is really easy and simple.

When you start with creating your Google Account, you’ll be asked to input some fundamental information about yourself, for instance your gender, name, birth date and location. When you provide all the necessary information, you will choose a name for your Gmail Account. Once the account is created, you will be allowed to add contacts, and to adapt your mail settings. You simply make sure to enter all the necessary information in the sign-up form, and to read the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

After this, just tick the check box, and at the end click Next step. After that, you’ll end up on ‘Create your profile page’ where you’ll be allowed to add your profile photo thanks to the Add photo icon. But, if you don’t wish to set up your profile photo immediately, you’re able to select to go to the Next step. With all this completed, you will have successfully created your own Gmail account, and Google’s welcome page will be the first thing that will show on your display.

Creating your Google mail account for the first time will automatically sign you in, however you will usually be asked to sign in with your Google account name and password. Also, it is really important to sign out from your Google account, especially if you use a shared computer (at your work or a library, for instance), as other people could see your stuff on your Gmail account if you forget to sign out. Any type of adjustment and customization on your Gmail account’s appearance can be done through Mail settings.

Gmail is an amazing online email service, one of the most popular email services today. So, if you’d like to have a Gmail account, simply follow steps given above and create your own Gmail account lightly. This is a fantastic service where you can send and receive important files or messages, and also talk with your friends and contacts through chat windows.

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