Can Gmail Send A Fax?

Are you able to send a fax via Gmail? The short answer is that yes you can and it is actually a lot easier to do than you realize. In actual fact, you just need to follow a few simple steps and everything will work perfectly as you will now see.

Getting Started.

To get started you need to go and grab an extension for Google Chrome called HelloFax and of course you also need a Gmail account. The faxes that you send will then be stored on your Google Drive account just waiting to be sent, so store them on there before you then move onto the next step.

First, log into your Google account and then go to Drive. You will see a create button in the top left hand corner and you need to click on that and upload the relevant document. You will then see the file name appearing in your Drive account ready to be sent.

The next step is to go to and download it for Google Drive. At this point you need to, once again, sign in with your Google account or you have the option of opening an account with them and then linking it with Google Drive, but to be honest it is easier with your previously created account.

After this, you will have to download the Chrome extension and its icon will then appear in your list of Chrome applications, so double click on it in order to open it and give it permission to access your Google Drive account.

The final step is to then fax the document itself, so click on the fax document option on the screen and then search for the file on Google Drive in order to attach it. You can then scan your signature and upload it to Hello Fax as this will then allow it to attach your signature digitally every single time you send a fax in the future.

You then simply need to enter either the phone number that it is to be faxed to or the email address in the relevant box and hit send for the action to begin. It takes just a matter of minutes and the person at the other end will have the fax sitting there.

So, to recap:

  • You can indeed use Gmail to send a fax.
  • You must download Hello Fax for Google Drive in order to do it.
  • Upload the document you want to fax to Google Drive and then access Hello Fax.
  • Find the document, enter the fax number, and then hit send.

That is all that there is to it and you can see how you need limited computer knowledge in order to send a fax via Gmail. It is quick, it is easy, and you get 50 faxes free with Hello Fax when you sign up, so what could be better than getting to send a fax without it costing you any money? This is just another example of the versatility of Google, so if you need to send a fax, then why bother looking anywhere else?

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