5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Features That Every User Must Know

Samsung Galaxy S6 started selling just about a week ago and if you have already got this device with you or have made a pre-order for the phone, these features might be very important for you as you prepare life with the Galaxy S6.

As usual, this phone comes with numerous features that if you are not keen enough, you might end up never using them on your device. Samsung rolled out the Galaxy S6 together with its brother the Galaxy S6 Edge, which of course has lots of similarities with the Galaxy S6. It is for this reason we have compiled for you a list of the 5 features that are available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that you and every other user of this Samsung flagship must know, in order to get benefitted the most for every cent of their cash spent. If you end up with the Galaxy S6 Edge, the same features apply too.

Switch to easy mode

Samsung is famous for shipping its devices with a TouchWiz user interface; however, the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a bloatware-free TouchWiz. Furthermore, you will be able to cut down on the number of apps that are displayed on the screen by switching to a much simpler user interface known as Easy Mode. This feature can easily be accessed via your phone’s settings and when activated, you will see larger icons in addition to having the access to simple functions of the phone that include messaging, calling and browsing.

Taking screenshots

One thing people love about smartphones is their ability to offer photography on the go. With the Samsung Galaxy S6, you will enjoy taking screenshots in a very easy way. All you need is to swipe your screen from left to right and when a screen shows up, snap it. There is a catch here, though, as you need to use your entire hand to swipe the screen rather than use your thumb; otherwise this won’t work. In order to get the classic screenshot, you must simultaneously press the Power and Home buttons.

Find a lost Galaxy S6

It is possible that you may lose your phone or maybe misplace it. There is nothing to worry about if you are using the latest Galaxy S6, as this flagship comes with a “Find My Mobile” feature that enables users to locate the phone whenever they lose it. However, this feature requires that you sync this phone with another device; for instance, a PC or tablet. This feature can be found in the phone’s settings.

Smart Stay

Smart Stay is not a new feature for the Samsung users having made its debut with the Galaxy S3. Using this feature, you can easily save your phone’s battery. The Smart Stay feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 enables the camera of the device to detect user actions as far as viewing on the display screen is concerned and as a result, it turns off the display whenever you take some time before looking at your phone. This feature helps a lot in saving your phone’s battery life. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your screen going dark in the middle of reading something on your phone.


Since the introduction of Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has maintained the multitasking windows in its flagships. Despite the availability of this feature, very few people make use of it and this can be attributed to the rather small screen of phones that the feature first appeared on.

Now that the Galaxy S6 is out with its 5.1 inch screen size, this feature will be amazing to use. To use the Multi windows feature, go on and press the Multi-tasking button on your phone and that’s it.

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