Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Talkatone or Viber Free Calling Messenger – Get the Best Free Calling App for Android

In the recent past, many people have turned to using smartphone messengers such as Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Talkatone and Viber to connect with each other rather than use telecom carriers for the same purpose.

One major reason why this has been on the constant rise is the convenience these messengers give users, where they can easily send and receive instant messages from any other person using the same app without incurring any costs.

Similarly, these applications can be used to make free calls to any other person using the app on their phone. You can even find these applications on computers, where you can use them in the same way as the mobile versions.

Free instant messaging and calling services

Google Hangouts Free Download

Google Hangouts is a product of Google. This app is gradually taking the place of GTalk, which was Google’s instant messaging application. This app is available as a free download on the Google Play Store and with it you can exchange messages with friends instantly. You can also share multimedia files as well as make voice and video calls using this app.

Hangouts users can sign up for a Google Voice number and using this Google number, it is possible to make calls to other non-users of the app, for instance, mobile numbers and landlines. This application is equipped with a bunch of emoticons which users can use to add zest to instant messaging rather than stick to words. To get a Google Hangouts account, all you need is a Gmail address, which you should already be having on your Android device.

WhatsApp Free Download

The services you get on Hangouts are also available on WhatsApp. However, the latter app has not fully implemented a number of these services that include free voice and video calling. Better still, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app which can be used to exchange texts, photos, audio notes as well as video messages. Furthermore, it is also possible to share location as well as contacts using WhatsApp.

You should note that while using Hangouts, Viber and Talkatone is free for life using WhatsApp is only free for the first one year, after which you’ll have to pay a fee of $0.99 to keep using the messenger.

Talkatone Free Download

Talkatone on the other hand is equipped with both free instant messaging and free calling services. Unlike Hangouts, WhatsApp and Viber which will charge you according to the data consumed per minute, Talkatone has another way of doing things. With Talkatone free download, you get a default free minutes’ package that you use for a given period, say one month, once you install this VoIP app. This package will then be renewed after the expiry of the specified period of use.

In case you end up using the allocated default package before the expiry of the set period, you can buy a new package and keep making calls to other users of the app at very affordable rates. These calls are not just made to users of the app; it is also possible to make calls to non-users of Talkatone.

Viber Free Download

Viber free download has more than 460 million users worldwide. This app has some of the best voice and picture qualities with respect to VoIP apps. You can also get free instant messaging services using this messenger. Viber is equipped with one of the largest sticker market, and using these characters, you can make conversations more fun and enjoyable than using plain words.

Viber also adds some additional features to its platform, where you can follow and take part in Public Chats as well as play Viber Games with other users of the app when on chats.

Bottom line

Other than Google Hangouts, Talkatone, WhatsApp and Viber, there are dozens of other instant messaging and VoIP apps that you could also try out. Some of these apps include Skype, Tango, Line and WeChat. All of them have some of the best features as far as internet communication is concerned. The good thing with these apps is that they are available for free and all you need is a reliable internet connection and you’ll be flying with free messages and calls to every location of the world.

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