Samsung Galaxy S6 Latest Rumors, Price and Possible Release Date

Based on the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S6 might be out this March.

Samsung is expected to use the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2015 that will be held in Barcelona, Spain at the start of next month to showcase the new Galaxy S6 flagship and it is this phone that is expected to be the highlight this technology event.

There are numerous rumors that are circulating regarding the design and specs that are expected to come with the Galaxy S6 smartphone. Despite these numerous rumors, the South Korean company has not confirmed anything just yet, which leaves us wondering whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 is even going to be launched this Q1 of 2015, or even if the next device from this company will be named Samsung Galaxy S6.

Regardless of these mixed feelings, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S6 at some point and when this is done, there are features and specs that you should expect to see on this device. While some of the features of the Galaxy S5 might be retained on this device, the Galaxy S6 will be equipped with some of the best and latest specs and features as well, boasting high performance and display capabilities in addition to a premium design. In essence, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be everything that the Galaxy S5 was not. The Galaxy S6 will be an extremely powerful handheld device and this smartphone will be among the standard setters for the year 2015.

Design and Display

As earlier noted, the Galaxy S6 will come with some features that are present in the Galaxy S5 and among them are the design features where a lot is not expected to change apart from the material design. The new Samsung Galaxy S6 will be equipped with a metallic body and finally do away with the plastic design of major Samsung smartphones.

Just like Apple and HTC have been enjoying mega sales in the smartphone market due to their stylish designs that include metallic covers, Samsung is expected to enjoy similar spells of exceptional sales with the new Galaxy S6, which will eventually make up for the poor sales recorded with the Galaxy S5. With a metallic covering, the Galaxy S6 will be fairly sturdy and thus it will also be much more durable.

This device is expected to come with a similar screen size as the Galaxy S5.However, the Galaxy S6 will have a metal rim around the screen, which is aimed at minimizing the bezels and making sure that this device is equipped with the highest level of technology possible. The at least 5.1 inch AMOLED QHD screen will be capable of producing a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels and a pixel density of 554 pixels per inch, which is quite amazing. This screen will be protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology.

Processing power

There are ongoing rumors that the new Galaxy S6 will come with two variants where one will sport a Samsung-based Exynos processor while the other variant will feature a Qualcomm-based Snapdragon 810 processor. You’ll also come across a RAM of 4GB on either variant, which is very impressive.

Both processors will provide this device with enough raw power that is required to ensure users enjoy the best when it comes to gaming, browsing the web as well as watching HD videos.


The new Galaxy S6 smartphone will be running on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. This device will also come with the TouchWiz UI, which is a way of Samsung taking advantage of the customization capabilities of this new OS. However, you can still deactivate this TouchWiz user interface just in case the skin doesn’t interest you and instead keep the stock Android interface.


The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be better than what is currently on the Galaxy S5, which has a 16MP snapper on the rear and a 2MP snapper on the front, and get a 20MP snapper on the rear and a 5MP snapper on the front. The rear camera will include features such as LED flash and optical image stabilization.

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