WhatsApp Plus Download 1.9 Free APK and Version 1.8 APK

There are many features missing from WhatsApp and they are found on WhatsApp Plus, the unofficial version of the popular application, which was created by Rafalense, a Spanish Developer who added modifications to the original app, in order to allow the users to customize its interface the way they want. The developers of WhatsApp reacted immediately and asked the online stores to remove this app, then Rafalense stopped the project and someone else started it again. Currently, the fans can download the “reborn” versions 1.9 APK or 1.8 APK from various websites.

WhatsApp is extremely popular, having over 800 million active users, but even if it brought the voice calling feature to Android and iOS, some fans are still disappointed that the application doesn’t allow them to change the themes, colors, fonts and the maximum file upload file size is 16MB. Well, WhatsApp allows the users to send multimedia files of up to 50MB and the photos don’t lose their resolution when you send them to your friends.

You will need to uninstall the official WhatsApp application, but before you do that, back up all your conversations (Settings>Chat Settings>Backup Conversations), to not lose them and to have access to them after installing WhatsApp Plus 1.9 APK. This version hides the typing, so your friends won’t know that you are writing a message in real-time. If you change your mind and delete the text, the other person will know that and will ask you what you were going to say. Avoid these unpleasant scenes with WhatsApp Plus, which also allows you to change the ActionBar’s color, the color of the StatusBar and Navigationbar in Lollipop OS. Besides, if you don’t want your friends to know that you’ve read your messages, you can disable the blue tick and double tick for read messages, plus the last seen bar, so that you can login incognito. In addition, you can set a pattern lock for your app, so that only you will have access to your account. FAB was added too and another change is referring to the possibility to change the chat balloon colors.

If you’ll install the v4.04 APK (reborn), you will make voice calls and you will get the Hide Notification and Restart options in the menu of Calls UI.

You will still need to specify your phone number, to verify your account, then you’ll restore your conversations and continue chatting with your old friends.

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