Delete Your Google History

A normal internet user tends to spend a lot of time daily searching and browsing the internet. Google is the first preference for many of us when we have to perform a quick search but not many people are aware of the fact that everything you search on Google is tracked and the data is saved.

If you are uncomfortable about your search data being saved somewhere or you are just looking to prevent others from seeing your personal search history, you must delete your search history through the following ways.

The first step is logging into your Google account and going to the History page. Everything that you have searched for is displayed here and is visible at the top of the page. Below these search trends, you will find a check box and a “Remove Items” button. If you want to delete all the search history that is listed on the page, then you must select the check box and click on “Remove items” button. Once you do that, there will be a message telling you how many search items were deleted.

However, the page will now display searched items from a previous period of usage so you must select the checkbox again and click “Remove Items” to clear these. If you plan to delete some particular items in the search history that are older than the items that are being displayed , on screen just select “Older” button on the right side of the screen. You can find another “Older” button on the right side below the list too.

Removing items from the check box and the “Remove Items” option can be a tedious task if there is a lot of history that you want to delete. In order to delete multiple items simultaneously, click the Gear button on the upper right corner of the page and choose the “Remove Items” option from the dropdown menu.

You may also delete all your search history by choosing the appropriate option the drop-down menu of the “Remove Items” button. Just click the drop-down menu and select “the beginning of time”. Select “Remove” and your entire search history will be deleted at one go.

Sometimes users tend to enable the option to save their history from Chrome as well as other apps which is stored in their Web and App Activity. This saves the browsing history as well as the data shared by the apps you use. One advantage of this is that it allows you to customize the kind of search results you want as Google displays items according to your personal preferences and suggests sites and content accordingly.

You must look to stop this data from being saved too if you are so intent on protecting your privacy. You just have to pause the tracking of your search history. To do that click the Gear at the top right corner and go to “settings”. On the Account History page, select “Pause”. That is all. Your search history can no longer be tracked and saved.

Privacy is a very important thing for some of us and hence we must know how to protect it. Deleting the browsing history on Google can make us feel assured and safe and we would be uncomfortable if some other person were to use our computer or mobile as there is no data that leak out. So just follow the above ways to delete the Google search history and protect your privacy.

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