iPhone 6 – Gorgeous Camera with Screen Features and Release Date

According to many rumors, the Apple’s iPhone 6 will most likely come on September 19 and that it will have three great features.

Regardless of the price that the iPhone 6 will come with, it is expected that more than 80 percent of the existing iPhone users will want the new model.

Here are the three features that the iPhone 6 will most likely come with:

Great camera

The iPhone 6 will most likely sport an 8MP rear camera, but it’s improved considerably over the one you find on the iPhone 5S. The new camera will have some improvements such as optical image stabilization (OIS) and some other hardware and software enhancements. We mention that the iOS 8 comes with some great camera features that the iPhone users will love.

In concordance with a WalletHero survey, more than 70 percent of the iPhone users will ditch their old phones for the new iPhone 6 because of the camera improvements.

Long battery life

We also noticed in the WalletHero’s results of the survey that more than 95 percent of the iPhone users will buy the new model if the iPhone 6’s battery will last longer than on their older phones. Some new reports said that iPhone 6’s battery’s rating will be maximum 1900 mAh. The experts are convinced that the upcoming phone will be improved due to the fact that it will have a 64bit A8 chip and it will run on the iOS 8, which will make the device more energy-efficient and the battery will last longer.

Big screen

In the same survey, another 85 percent of the participants said that they will change their phone if the rumors about the iPhone 6 are correct and it’s it will really be equipped with a larger screen size.

It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will most likely come in two variants screen sizes: a 4.7inches one and 5.5inches one.

It’s possible that Apple will release the new iPhone 6 on September 19, 2014.

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