Apple iOS 8 is the Best Operating System So Far. Here’s Why

Apple has not only outdone its competitors but also itself by launching iOS 8, which is an improvement of the 2013’s iOS 7.

Now the new OS is available for customers using iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It features amazing user interface re-engineered, along with important improvements from its earlier version.


Handoff allows for seamless connectivity among your Apple devices like the Mac and the iPad. You can start typing a text document, editing videos, and writing emails on your Mac and end up completing the task on your iPad and vice versa. With Handoff you automatically synchronize your tasks with an array of Apple gadgets.

Health Kit

Apple understands that your health is paramount. It is your most valuable asset so you need to take care of your body, mind and soul. Apple makes this possible by availing a health kit for you to enter and keep essential details of your health like body weight, allergies, blood type, emergency numbers and blood pressure so that first aiders can rush to your rescue and depend on the data on your iPhone for faster stabilization of your health.

Personalized Keyboards

After Android users bragged about how amazing their Swype customized keyboard is, now Apple users can say they have their own personal keyboard that can compete with Android’s.

The Apple keyboard allows its users to type at a great speed, use emojis, themes and tailor their Apple keyboard to their unique needs.

iCloud Drive

You can store your files online by just utilizing the iCloud Drive. It works just as the Dropbox. The only difference is that it is targeted to the special users of Apple products. The synchronizing service updates and secures your files so that you can access them for free anytime and anywhere. But the devices that you use for virtual retrieval must be compatible to the Apple.

Touch ID for Apps

This is a security feature available for iPhone 5 and 6. The feature enables you to unlock your iPhone by scanning your fingerprints. It complements other security apps like the requirement to enter your Apple ID password when buying apps on both iTunes and App Store.

Improved Notifications Center

The new notifications center enables you to access the widgets of your apps without directly opening the main app. This saves you time since the center acts as a shortcut that connects you to your apps. However, not all apps are compatible with the notifications center and some apps do not have widgets to be displayed on the notifications center.

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