Two WhatsApp Accounts on one iPhone or Android

WhatsApp has become the main platform for sending and receiving messages today. Statistics show that 90 percent of young generation is now using the platform, and they do so on regular basis. However, most people still ask themselves several questions: Can they use two WhatsApp in their Android phones or iPhone? Can they use dual SIM? Is it Possible to have Dual WhatsApp accounts? Well, this article addresses these questions and how you exactly how you can have two accounts in your smartphone and enjoy chatting without any problems.

OG Whatsapp and where to download

There is a modified version of Whatsapp called the Og WhatsApp that allows you to use double or even multiple accounts on your smartphone without having to root the mobile. With this application you can use two WhatsApp accounts in one single device, backup and restore messages as well as data, and many more.

Here are simple steps that you need to follow to have this application installed on your phone and enjoy two WhatsApp accounts without rooting.

  • Step 1: The very first step involves taking full backup of your data and messages so as to prevent them from being lost. Go to “chat settings” on your Whatsapp account and you will see various sections with the third last written “Backup Conversations.” Now click this option and your messages will be saved automatically.
  • Step 2: This step is all about clearing your data. Go to the App info and you will see towards the bottom your data and a section written “clear data” Click the box and accept to have all the data completely cleared from your account.
  • Step 3: Now proceed to your Whatsapp folder and rename the file to Og WhatsApp. You can find it on your SD card. When you are done, it’s now time to uninstall official WhatsApp. Go to settings then applications and click uninstall WhatsApp.
  • Step 4: Download Og WhatsApp from the web and install it directly on your smartphone. You will then be asked to enter your mobile phone number. Go ahead and enter the number that you used to register on the official WhatsApp page. Click OK.
  • Step 5: At this point the Og WhatsApp will be ready with your previous number, and so to use the second, go to play store then download WhatsApp application.
  • Step 6: Again, you will be asked for your mobile number, but this time don’t enter your previous one. Instead, enter your new number and click OK.

Now you have two WhatsApp accounts right on your smartphone

WhatsApp is a great platform, which allows users to send messages and photos for absolutely free. With the many benefits it offers many still wonder if it is possible to have two accounts. Well, today this is very possible. When you follow these steps to the letter you will be sure to operate two Whatsapp accounts on your smartphone.

The beauty of it is that the two accounts will work perfectly, with each operating through on different numbers. You will also not worry about losing your data or conversations as the app provides a section where you can backup all your data and restore it right into the app.

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