WhatsApp Works Better on Android or iOS?

The version of WhatsApp that is intended for iOS has recently received a major update that is able to bring it into line with matching design alterations that arrived in iOS 7. This recent update, makes it much easier for a comparison of the Android and iOS versions. 

The two versions of WhatsApp are very similarly built. There are major alterations among the chat overview that lie within the visible and design elements. The version for the iOS looks cleaner due to the applications selections in regards to elements of color, options that comprise contacts as well as settings that can be accessed immediately from the lower portion of the navigation bar. With the Android version, these options are hidden within the action bar that is behind the menu.

Chat Window

There are only a few, very minor difference amid the chat windows of the application versions. As far as the actual chat, the look is basically identical with only the depiction of speech bubbles and icons have slight variations. The button that is used to ascribe files has moved downward next to the bar for text within the iOS version. The same area holds the emoticon symbol in the Android variant of WhatsApp.

Contact Selection

The iOS variant of WhatsApp has its contacts grouped alphabetically and they are quite simple to manage in regards of direct access. This feature allows for the user to jump to a definite letter when in pursuit of a contact. For the Android variant of the application, this option is not offered. All of the contacts for the Android version are one after the other. This method can become overwhelming to users.


Regardless of the version that is being utilized, there is not an interactive button that will allow users to answer right to message outside of the application. Taping onto the notification simply results in the application shooting up and being capable to respond from within the popular application. The Android version does has a small advantage over the iOS version since it is able to provide a bit more information that is delivered while within the notification bar. 


The settings for the iOS variant of the application are grouped together based on their type and the navigation is slightly more intuitive to your choices. The Android version, however, is riddled with small icons that are placed leftward of the settings which allows for a visual representation that is quick.

In Conclusion

The iOS variant of the WhatsApp application has been provided with a new look that is based on design choices that are behind the latest version of iOS 7. The version that has been provided for Android is loosely based on the predominant design strategies that are found within the Android application atmosphere. The Android version could be slightly more polished that what it currently is. 

There a number of mockups floating about that indicate that the Android version will be made more user friendly. Thus far, the iOS version seems to be the better choice for ease, accessibility and functionality. 

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