Copying Music from iPhone to Apple Watch & Using it as Standalone iPod

Apple Watch has the ability to provide you access to your entire music library directly from your iPhone. But there are times when you want to listen them directly from your Watch, especially when you are out of network coverage or too far from your iPhone, the internal storage loaded with musical tracks can be your good companion in the state of boredom. Apple Watch offers 2 GB space to save your music files out of its 8 GB total storage. 2 GB means you have enough space to save approximately 500 songs that could be enough. You can either have earphones plugged into your Watch to enjoy this music or you can use its built-in speakers which we do not think would be a good option.

There are few easy steps outlined for you to copy your favorite music tracks from your iPhone to your Apple Watch and turn it into a walking iPod on your wrist.

Step 1:  Open Apple Watch app on your iPhone

Step 2:  Open Music from available options

Step 3:  Here you can guide your Apple Watch to either copy a selected number of songs highlighted by yourself or you can let your Watch fill a set limit of space with highly rated tracks

Step 4:  Once it is decided, you need it to inform your iPhone which tracks to synch on your Apple Watch by moving to Synched Playlist section. By the way, you can create playlists on your iPhone using iOS Music app.

Step 5:  Wait for a while till your decided and favorite songs are copied using Bluetooth. Do not forget to put your Apple Watch on charging mode, as music will only be synced as long as your Watch is on charge

Once the progress is completed, you can enjoy endless music directly from the Watch without worrying about connectivity issues with your iTunes library.

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