WhatsApp vs Telegram – Comparing the Best Text Message Service Apps

With more than 400 million users, WhatsApp is currently the messaging app with the highest number of users.

Speaking of which, one recent study has clearly shown that many users are now spending more time on this messaging app than on Facebook or anywhere else. This explains why, earlier on, Facebook bought the app at $19 billion.

But still, a lot of people are discontented with everything WhatsApp has to offer. From the limited number of users in group chats to official acquisition of the App by Facebook, many people are looking for a better, more-secure alternative. Turns out, a number of mobile messengers are just as good as WhatsApp or maybe better. A case in point is the Telegram messenger.

It may be relatively new, but the app registers a prodigious number of new signups daily that we fear might eventually phase out WhatsApp. Worse is that many people are quick to label the app “the WhatsApp killer, “particularly after another study found out that about 5 million people exit WhatsApp for Telegram on a single day.

If you download the app, the first thing you’ll notice is that the app looks almost exactly as WhatsApp. Now if that’s the case, why are people leaving WhatsApp for another app that resembles it?

Well, turns out, the features offered on Telegram app are way over the top when stacked up against those on WhatsApp.

* Using the apps on multiple devices

For one, while you can only use WhatsApp on one device at a time, telegram lets you install the app on multiple devices and still be able to use it on two or more of the devices concurrently.

* Computer versions

One of the biggest complaints WhatsApp users have been making is the lack of an official WhatsApp client for PC. Although you can still use an android emulator to ram WhatsApp on your PC, the process is a bit tedious considering telegram has an app that runs directly on a PC.

* Speed and security issues

Telegram app users, who previously were using WhatsApp, credit telegram for being a tad faster than its other match. The good thing is that both apps have not been linked with any security issue so far.

* Payment

WhatsApp is free for some devices and paid for some. When it’s time to pay for the app, WhatsApp will keep on sending messages that remind you to buy the app. Fortunately for telegram users, you don’t need to worry about payment of any kind, as this open source app is absolutely free for anyone regardless of the device you’re using.

* Users 

Perhaps the only reason that’s restricting users from making a switch to a better alternative of WhatsApp is the number of people using the app. While telegram has only a few million users, WhatsApp has almost anyone you know using the app.

* Group chats

WhatsApp limits the number of people in group chats to 30, but with telegram messenger you’re free to add up to 200 people in the group chats.

* Sending files

Another big plus for telegram app—while you can’t send big images and videos on WhatsApp, telegrams lets you send up to 1 GB of file to anyone using the app. This means you can actually send someone a full, quality movie on telegram app, something that WhatsApp users can only envy off.

* Secret chats

Telegram has a secret chat feature, where messages get automatically deleted after a certain preset duration of time, as modified by you. But no such option is found on WhatsApp. To get any secret message gone, you have to delete it manually.

* Double click

In the telegram app, messages are only double clicked after a message has been read by the other party. But on WhatsApp, it’s hard to tell whether a message has been read or not, since messages get double clicked upon reaching the recipient’s phone.

So, what do you think? Which one are you going for?

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