Best 5 Password Managers of 2015 – Keeping Your Devices Safer

Technology has brought lots of good things to our lives.

The online world is constantly growing bigger and better. However, this is one of the most insecure places to be.

Just like the normal world, surviving needs adaptation and being smart in decisions and choices. You probably have more than one web page that requires you to sign in; for instance, Facebook, Gmail or even Twitter. Honestly, you don’t want to be the one keeping a written copy of your password or passwords for the various services and sites you have. Furthermore, keeping in mind all of them can at times be problematic.

If you have several websites and services that use different passwords and you have a problem keeping hold of all of them, there is nothing to fret about. Password Managers are the solution you are lacking. However, you should be keen before choosing a Password Manager of your choice, especially with its compatibility, features as well as security it offers, among many others.

Here is a list of the best 5 password managers you can use on your Windows and Mac PCs as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.


1Password is a very convenient password manager that will help you store multiple passwords and you can access them whenever you need them. The good side of this 1Password app is that it can be installed on Windows and Mac PCs as well as the two major mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. You can also get a browser extension of 1Password for your Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox web browsers.

This app offers more than just storing passwords; it can also be used to store data such as ID cards, credit cards, software licenses and secure notes, among others. Furthermore, 1Password app enables creation of folders which can then be synced across devices. The PC versions of 1Password are available for $49.99 while the iOS and Android users will get the app for free.


LastPass is actually the simplest of the many password managers on this list. The app asks you whether you want the last password you used to access a website or service to be saved. If you opt for yes, LastPass will automatically fill the login form when you visit this page again. The app will provide you with a list of all the accounts you use and you can choose the one you want to log into.

Once all the passwords have been saved, you will still need a master password to get things going. You can get a web browser extension for your Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. The good thing is that all these and much more such as in-built password generator and centralized password management are available for free. However, the premium features must be paid for, but only a small fee of $12 per year is needed to get things going.


When talking of security, this app is the best you can have out there. Passible meets the set standards of 256 AES Encryption Standards, which ensure that your data is safe from NSA and other government institutions. The unwelcoming part of this app is that it’s only available for iOS users; however, hopefully Android users will get their version in the coming days.

Passible is very simple to use, offering users with a UI for filling their usernames and passwords. There are other features the app offers, among them Password Analyzer which helps in determining the difficulty of your password. All these are available for just $2.99.


Dashlane is a free to download and install password manager that all users of Windows and Mac PCs can use. However, the mobile app is only available for iOS users alone. It encrypts all stored passwords with 256 AES encryption technology, which makes everything very secure. There is an additional digital wallet feature on Dashlane and users can easily change passwords of various sites and services directly from this app. For the best overall online protection, Dashlane is the best app available for free. However, the premium features must be unlocked with a fee of $39.99 per year.


PasswordBox is a free password manager that can be installed on Android, iOS as well as on Kindle devices. Furthermore, this password management software comes with a browser extension for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer as well as Opera. Other than you log in details, PasswordBox can also be in handy when it comes to filling other data that include addresses and credit card details. If you deal with lots of sensitive stuff on your Android or iOS phone, PasswordBox is your app.

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