WhatsApp Free Updates – Spam Block, Backup and Silent Notifications Added

WhatsApp free updates are available for online download.

The updates have in recent times been flowing in like nobody’s business, making the app one of the most, if not the most evolving app in the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp allows its users to sign up with very low demands. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone number. There is nothing else required and anyone can use this app, regardless of their country of residence, unless the app has been banned by the government like in cases that have previously happened in China and other Asian countries.

Using WhatsApp, keeping in touch with any person is free as long as they have an account with the platform. Furthermore, the app lets users connect on individual terms or in groups of up to 100 people. WhatsApp is currently the most used instant messaging and VoIP app, boasting a user base of over 800 million people from all over the world. This is nowhere near stopping as the app records a daily sign-up rate of over 1 million people per day, which is something that can also be attributed to the soaring smartphone use.

Latest WhatsApp update lets users block and spam unknown numbers

In most cases, WhatsApp rolls out updates that come with improvements to the current features. In other instances, you will come across new features and in certain situations, both improvements and new features come in.

The latest version of WhatsApp brings a new addition to the voice calling ability that was recently added. Users can now block unknown numbers as well as report them as spam. This update was rolled out from v2.12.30 and it has since remained to be a mainstay, with each update including the latest v2.12.67 APK featuring this spam identification feature.

In case you receive a message from an unknown WhatsApp user, you can simply block it or add it to your contacts list from within the app. If you choose to block this person, WhatsApp will list the number as spam and it will never bother you again, unless you unblock it.

WhatsApp users to start saving messages on Google Drive

WhatsApp 2.12.45 free download introduced the ability of Android users to create backups on Google Drive. This version was only an APK version and as such, not all users can have it unless you download this version. The good thing is that with v2.12.45 APK, you can save all your messages (except video files) and contacts to your Google Drive account.

How to save WhatsApp messages on Google Drive

To save your messages on Google Drive is a very easy process. All you need is open the settings page of WhatsApp and then select “Chat Settings”. Follow this selection by tapping on “Chat backup” and that’s it. The good part of this feature is that you can choose a time that you want the messages to be saved automatically. The default setting of WhatsApp is 4AM; however, you can choose these settings from the chat settings section.

The most surprising thing is that WhatsApp has since then removed the ability to save files on Google Drive in all the updates that followed v2.12.45. However, according to an inside source, there are some improvements and bugs being fixed before the feature is availed in full for all users of the app. This will definitely come in with much more improved features.

Silent notifications

The latest WhatsApp allows users to make free voice calls in addition to sending free messages. With this new version, users can now choose a custom notification sound for their messages and voice calls. In addition, the latest update also allows users to mute these sounds by setting the notification sound to “None”. This will ensure that no sound is produced and instead, you can opt for the vibration only option.

In the previous version, it was not possible to stop these notifications even when in priority mode. This was so because the notifications were played via the Android Media Volume.

To get the latest features that include the ability to create Google Drive backups, you must specifically download WhatsApp 2.12.45 APK from the official website of the app. The newer versions have incorporated an onboard MD that has come in with a visual overhaul on the default appearance of the app.

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