Google Play Services Fixes For Common Errors

There are a number of features in the Google Play services which can be beneficial to users. However, there are some errors that pop up from time to time, which is why many users have a problem in accessing it. Here are a few ways to obliterate some of the common problems in Google Play.

  1. Experiencing problems while using Google play is not uncommon, so you must know how to tackle with them, so that you can easily solve any such issue. Error message sends error codes denote the problems with this service. You will have to know what exactly the problem is in order to solve it, which is why these messages and codes will come handy.
  1. Stopping of Google play services is quite common and almost all android users have faced this problem. There are a number of reasons, which is why such an issue may occur and they have been noted below:
  • When something goes wrong while installing an app.
  • If the phone memory or data card is full and does not have enough space.
  • If the phone has corrupted binaries and app data.

Fixing The Problem

  • The first thing you can do clears your phone memory. Full phone memory can be a big problem which can curb the services of Google Play Store.
  • Clearing caches and data will help in creating slight more space on the phone. The caches can sometimes notoriously stop the Play Services from working. Here is how you can do it:
  • Go to settings.
  • Look for apps and tap on it, next you will be able to have a look at all the apps which are installed in your phone.
  • Now, to Play Store in that list.
  • Next in the app info section, go ahead and clear the caches and data, after which you can uninstall the updates and reboot your phone after restarting the app.
  • If that does not help, then go to the clear data option and restart your phone, to see if everything is running smoothly.
  1. Resetting Google accounts are another way of solving Google Play Service related problems. So sign out of the app once, and sign again and you will be done.
  1. Clearing app data can solve a number of problems related to Google Play services. Just go to the settings, after which you will have to go to apps, followed by Google Play Services. This will help in solving the issue, if that too does not work, then re-install it.
  1. Solving error 403 is as follows:
  • In case you are using more than one Google account, then remove one of them, after which you will have to clear the Play Store History. Next retry using Google Play services to check in case the problem persists.
  • Clearing the proxy settings can also help in this department, especially if you happen to have two accounts linked on one device.
  1. Solving Error 491 is not very difficult, here is how you can go about it:
  • Remove your Google account after which you will have to reboot your phone device. With that done, you will have to go the settings, after which you have to find the Google Play app in the apps section and clear data followed by force stop.

The Google play has become a part of our life and these problems can be quite frustrating, so if you come across errors and problems, then do make sure you use the aforementioned methods to ensure the smooth functioning of your android device.

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