Candy Crush Soda Saga for Windows and Mac

If you thought that you were missing out on the Candy Crush story just because you prefer to play games on either your Windows PC or Mac, then think again. Instead, by following some rather simple steps you too can find yourself being drawn into this fantasy world of candies and working your way through the 140 different levels in this particular version. The good part is that, just like the smartphone version, it is free to download although you do need to remember that there are additional in game purchases so watch out for them as you progress.

The First Step In Getting The Game For Your Computer.

The key part in being able to play Candy Crush Soda Saga on your computer is to trick it into thinking that it is actually a smartphone and this is easier than it sounds.

All that you need to do here is to download a special program called an emulator and there are a number of them around that will then trick your computer into thinking that it is something else. In this instance, it has to be an emulator that makes your computer think that it is an Android smartphone and using their operating system and one of the best out there, which is free, is called Bluestacks.

What you need to do is to download the appropriate emulator for either your PC or Mac and follow the rather simple instructions on the screen. This is a small program that will now slow down your computer and once you have completed the installation process a small shortcut icon will pop up on your desktop. At this point, you need to open it to allow the magic to happen.

After The Emulator Is Installed.

Once Bluestacks has been installed and you have opened it, then it is a case of you finding the Candy Crush apk download and this is easy to find online. This pack is for a desktop computer and you simply need to follow their instructions and there really is nothing difficult about this step either.

Do remember that the important part at this point is to have the emulator open or else it is not going to work. If you do it correctly, and there is no reason to doubt that, then you are going to have that bright and bubbly home screen popping up on your PC or Mac.

So, to get this wonderful game on your computer you need to do the following.

Download an emulator and we recommend one called Bluestacks.Install the correct one for either the PC or Mac and follow their step by step instructions.Open the shortcut icon that appears on your desktop in order to activate the emulator.Search for and download the Candy Crush apk program.Follow the simple instructions and just wait to play the game.

What you see is that downloading and installing this cool game on either your PC or Mac is a lot easier than you may have thought. The key here is that emulator because without it things are just not going to happen and that would be a shame considering how cool this game is.

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