Choosing Yamcha in Dragon Ball Video Games is a Good Idea: Top Reasons

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Yamcha is often the subject of numerous Dragon Ball memes across the internet, as the fighter is ridiculed for his low power level compared to the other Z warriors. However, Yamcha remains one of the strongest Earthlings, regardless if we like it or not.
Let’s not forget that Yamcha has been trained by Master Rohi, the same guy who was the first martial arts teacher for Goku as well. Therefore, Yamcha has a lot of potential and impressive fighting moves, and guess what? When it comes to Dragon Ball video games, power levels are no longer relevant. As long as you are a big hit with the controller, you can achieve victory with just about any fighter, even if your opponent is Frieza, Majin Buu, Zamasu, Omega Shenron, and so on.
Let’s have a deeper look into Yamcha as a video game character as we leave aside what we know about him from all those memes on the internet!

The Kamehameha wave

Probably each and every person who has ever seen any Dragon Ball episodes knows very well that Goku’s favorite move is the Kamehameha wave. But probably not everybody knows that other Dragon Ball characters can perform that iconic technique as well, and one of them is Yamcha.. The guy knows very well how to fire a Kamehameha blast in the middle of a fight, as he has been using it plenty of times throughout the franchise. For instance, let’s take into account the World Martial Arts Tournament from the original Dragon Ball series in which Yamcha confronted Tienshinhan. Fighters gave everything they had in that fight, and Yamcha proved once again to be able to master the Legendary Kamehameha wave.

The Spirit Ball

Another one of Yamcha’s favorite fighting maneuvers is the so-called Spirit Ball. What this move does is that its fighter pulls out a ball of massive energy that can follow the opponent pretty much anywhere he goes for a limited time. As a result, this attack can be highly effective, and Yamcha has proved numerous times already that he is able to perform it when it is needed. Even though Dragon Ball Z has almost completely left Yamcha aside, a lot of the Dragon Ball video games out there have the character in their roster of Fighters. Therefore, you are free to use Yamcha in such games, as he can do a pretty impressive job.

The Wolf Fang Fist

The Wolf Fang Fist is another one of the fighting techniques that exists in Yamcha’s arsenal, as the fighter used this one plenty of times in the franchise as well. This technique consists of a series of hits while Yamcha is releasing a large amount of rage. As a result, the opponent will have pretty much nothing to do in the face of such an attack, at least when it comes to Dragon Ball video games.
Once again, we must emphasize that Dragon Ball video games almost completely neglect power levels. Even if Yamcha wouldn’t be able to go to toe with Vegeta in the anime, for instance, that doesn’t mean that the Earthling cannot win in any Dragon Ball video game such as Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, or Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.
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