Flappy Bird – The 5 Ultimate Tips to Win

One of the easiest yet addictive game, Flappy Birds has glued every player to it.

The simple concept, the basic design, the interesting challenges, the easy controls and the variety in levels, Flappy Bird has brought the pixel graphics style live. Have a look at the tips and tricks to win through this game and rank amongst the top in the gaming charts.

Large Screen

Games always look good on bigger screens. No matter how interesting Flappy Bird looks on android phones, it is always preferableto play it on desktops or tablets as the wider screen allows you to work upon the details of the game and your fingers do not touch any wrong button and take your life away. Your hands are a little constricted to play and you can immerseyourself in the game to win through all the challenges.

Place a Stable Finger

Find a spot on the screen of the game and place your finger over it. That will help you to avoid the crashing of the bird and pipes during the play. If you are playing the game with your right hand, you can stick your fingers to the bottom where the ground scrolls because the pipes come in through the right of the screen. This will help you in control the bird to dodge and fly easily.

Cut the Call

Do not allow any phone calls during the game play. You may have to lose alife and play it all over again if a call cuts you in the game. Go in the blocking mode at least for some time until the level or the challenge is achieved. In addition to this, mute all the notifications that can distract your focus from the game. One notification and your bird can fall off the ground.

Tap and Rhyme

The basic concept of the game Flappy Bird is to tap and avoid bumping into the pipes. The bird keeps flying up in the sky or flies close to the ground. Hence, you have to build a rhythm to maintain evenness and stability for the bird to fly. Flutter in between the pipes with constant double taps or pause to collapse on the ground. After you fall off the ground, convalesce through the rhythm and get into the game once again.

Calm Mind

Whenever you are playing any game, it is always necessary to keep calm and cool. As Flappy bird is a game where you may lose your temper after you fall on the ground often, do not allow it to affect your performance. The closer you are to the high score,the more you may freak out and unknowingly bump into one of the pipes. Hence, keep calm and do not lose your focus from the bird.

This game tests your patience, concentration, preciseness, accuracy and focus and so try soaring high and do not allow your bird to fall down. Keep smashing towards the high side to enhance your score.

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