Goku and Vegeta Might Become Gods in Dragon Ball Super

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The Dragon Ball Super Manga has continued the adventures of Goku and Vegeta long after the Tournament of Power, the arc that ended the anime version of Super back in 2018. After facing the terror of Moro, Granolah, and Gas, the Z warriors even had to face the revived Red Ribbon Army organization under the spell of Dr. Hedo. But after this last arc, it seems that the manga still has something exciting in store for the fans.

It’s nothing new that both Goku and Vegeta have achieved godly powers in the past, as both of them can use the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue transformations. But it seems that they might even become deities fully, as a new article from CBR speculates.

Beerus and Whis are approaching retirement

Beerus, the God of Destruction, and Whis, his angel, are approaching their retirement. Also, given the fact that both Goku and Vegeta are stronger than ever before, as Goku has his Ultra Instinct technique while the Saiyan Prince can master Hakai and Ultra Ego, it might mean that the two beloved characters could take the roles of Beerus and Whis.

Vegeta seems fit for the job of a God of Destruction, considering that he has an unquenchable desire for destruction and domination, even though he’s clearly one of the good guys. Beerus has the role of destroying planets and galaxies not for the sake of it but only to maintain some sort of needed balance in the Universe. We could say that Beerus is somehow necessarily evil, and Vegeta is fit for that role as well, given that the Saiyan Prince is not actually all peaches and cream, although he’s on the good side.

Vegeta has progressed a lot compared to his power level in Dragon Ball Z, as he is now capable of extremely destructive techniques. It’s not even sure at this point if Beerus is stronger than Vegeta anymore, as the Saiyan Prince is capable of handling Hakai and Ultra Ego.

As for Goku, given his more peaceful nature compared to his old friend Vegeta, it seems logical that our hero can take the role of Whis. That means that Goku could become an angel, and if we think about it a bit, we realize that it wouldn’t be a very unique scenario. Goku has been depicted with angel wings before in Dragon Ball, as the writers wanted to emphasize the character’s peaceful nature and advanced powers. Goku has always been willing to fight for a good cause in Dragon Ball against villains such as Janemba, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Zamasu, and many others. He was always willing to protect the innocent from villains who wanted to destroy the world. Therefore, Goku turning into an angel at the end of Dragon Ball Super doesn’t seem like a bad or exaggerated idea at all.

Black Frieza is still around

At the end of the Gas arc in the Dragon Ball Super Manga, Frieza has proven to be more powerful than ever – even stronger than Goku and Vegeta. This means that the former intergalactic tyrant can still pose a threat and come up with an evil plan to get his revenge on the beloved Saiyans. We can definitely expect a lot more from Frieza in the following chapters of the manga than what he has shown against Gas, Goku, and Vegeta. The fans have been waiting a lot for a new great entrance of Frieza in his new form, and we could get that in the next chapters.

Goku and Vegeta rising as defenders of peace and to the levels of deities seems like a logical conclusion to Dragon Ball Super. This scenario seems fit for an ending of the series that focuses a lot on deities, both gods and angels.

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