AI Robots Destroying the World: Could the Scenario Come True?

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While it is true that artificially intelligent robots are our trusted friends for the moment, we must definitely be cautious when it comes to the future of society and how technology will impact it. A lot of experts are concerned that intelligent robots could turn their back on us and reckon one day that the world would be a better place without humans. Such a scenario has been speculated already several times in Sci-Fi movies, but unfortunately, we all need to be cautious when it comes to how AI will develop itself over the next decades.

AI is everywhere nowadays, and nobody can deny it. You can find it even in video games, as NPCs need AI in order to behave in accordance with the player’s decisions. If your character is running through a forest, for instance, the NPCs will rapidly see you and try to shoot you down if you are not hiding in the bushes from time to time. There is some level of intelligence in numerous systems, and it may be impossible to predict how AI robots will behave in the near future. However, we will give it a try.

AI robots will NOT destroy us

There are strong reasons to believe that the scenario in which AI robots will choose to destroy the world are nothing but sci-fi hoaxes. The explanation is very easy to grasp, as long as you are not influenced by sci-fi scenarios. Of course, everybody loves the iconic Terminator series, but that doesn’t mean that we should take it too seriously.
First of all, we need to understand that artificial intelligent systems, whether we are talking about robots or chatbots, don’t have any desires of their own. They are only programmed to do what humans want them to do. This can only mean that such AI systems cannot develop their own desires in order to be willing to destroy us humans unless they are programmed to do so. It would be possible, however, that AI systems could be used in military conflicts at some point in the future. Otherwise, for them to think that the world would be a better place without humans as a result of their own conclusions and desires remains a highly farfetched hypothesis. It’s a lot more probable to believe that AI will be used in military conflicts in the far future. Unfortunately, there are a few ongoing wars in the world. However, AI is not developed enough for the moment to be able to do any harm to us humans.
An important aspect to keep in mind is that AI systems don’t have any feelings or consciousness. They could reckon that humans would be a threat to the planet if these AI systems had their own consciousness. But they don’t even question the commands they are given by humans; they just fulfill them without any sign of hesitation. This can only mean that AI robots and chatbots couldn’t possibly have any selfish desires. Actually, AI systems don’t have any selfishness whatsoever. They are only willing to do the will of humans.
Therefore, AI systems willing to destroy us humans remains a highly far-fetched scenario. It would be more useful to ask ourselves if a specific group of humans would demand AI systems to do harm to other groups during military conflicts, for instance. However, AI systems are far from being able to do any damage to us.
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