Dragon Ball Super: Top Reasons to Believe That Frieza Will Be the Next Major Villain

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The Dragon Ball Super manga has just finished the Super Hero arc, and the most reasonable sync to expect moment says that the guys will continue with brand new adventures for Goku and the Gang. A few chapters ago, Frieza proved to be stronger than ever as he single-handedly took out both Goku and Vegeta.

Furthermore, Frieza is even better than Goku’s Ultra Instinct technique. There’s no telling just how powerful Frieza is at the moment, but what’s for sure is that the evil intergalactic overlord is up to no good. Contrary to what some Dragon Ball fans speculate, Frieza possibly becomes one of the good guys, although such a crazy turn of events cards times already the history of the franchise. It happened to Piccolo, Vegeta, and even to Majin Buu. Even though those guys were extremely evil at some point in their lives, they slowly but surely realized that their way of dealing with stuff it was bad and needed to be corrected. However, those characters had some level of but in their hearts, even though they might not have been willing to admit it. But as for Frieza, that guy cannot possibly turn out to be good, and the explanation is simple. He is evil to the core, and he has been an evil Intergalactic Overlord. He has always been willing to conquer entire planets and take out anyone who dared to stand in his way. Frieza has no remorse whatsoever, and he even had the chance to change several times in the franchise. Even when he was cut in half on Planet Namek during his battle with Goku, Frieza still wants to repent. As Frieza was lying there on the floor, with his limbs caught off, the only thing he could think about was to destroy Goku. It’s pretty scary that an individual can be so evil, considering that Goku offered him his help.

Black Frieza will be the next villain: Top reasons

Frieza has been preparing intensely for his new confrontation with Goku. The former Intergalactic Overlord has been training on a different universe for 10 years. He has been taking advantage of what is known on Earth as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Frieza was able to surpass both Goku and Vegeta when the two Saiyans were at their best. Even safely say that at this moment, Frieza is easily one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters in history. A character such as Frieza cannot possibly harness his new powers as much as he can. Frieza could never forgive Goku for the humiliation he suffered back on Planet Namek long ago. Frieza saw himself beaten by a Saiyan, meaning of member of the race that was considered vastly inferior to Frieza’s race. Goku proved during that battle that he could indeed be a Super Saiyan.

Long after that battle, Frieza fought Goku once again on Earth. Goku was Victorious once again, proving that he can indeed be the protector of the Earth, regardless of how strong an enemy is.

However, Frieza cannot forgive Goku. Frieza wants his revenge at all costs and now seems to be the best moment when he can do that, considering that he’s stronger than ever.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that the Dragon Ball Super manga is approaching its end. What more exciting ending for Dragon Ball Super could there be, now that Frieza is alive and stronger than ever than to put the galactic overlord under the spotlight?

In the end, only time will tell for sure what will happen in the future of Dragon Ball Super. Assured is that the manga will continue despite the fact that Akira Toriyama is no longer among us. May God rest his soul in peace!

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