Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 Gets Simpsons Characters – Legend Of Zelda Ready For Minecraft

A new Minecraft patch of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles got released, which finally brings the most waited Simpsons characters.

The patch contains 24 Simpsons character skins and the announcement was made via the Xbox official website, which also released a trailer to give the players an idea of what they will see added when they install this DLC patch. The Minecraft Simpsons DLC patch costs 2.99 dollars and can be bought from the Xbox store.

Here is the trailer about the Minecraft Simpsons Pack:

There are rumors saying that the skin pack will also come on other platforms, but sometime in a far future.

It is good to know that Microsoft has bought Mojang, which are the creators of Minecraft. With other words, Microsoft currently has a total control of this game. A lot of players were somehow concerned about how this game will go, since Microsoft’s consoles are in a direct “fight” with Sony’s consoles.

If Microsoft has promised that all Minecraft versions will get updated, it seems that they are not keeping that promise. Or at least, they are updating Minecraft for Xbox One and Xbox 360 first and after that they update it for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Minecraft gets “Zelda” Simulation game

If you used to play The Legends of Zelda in the past, we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy playing this simulation game that was created by two guys from Jersey.

According to Polygon, Evan Stanhope (designer) and Jonathan Faulch (programmer) have been working at this project and they’ve created an entire game world. They are currently working on making the game work inside the Minecraft Adventure mode.

Here is a view of “The Legend of Zelda” map on Minecraft:

The good news is that the map will be entirely free, even if creators have been working on it for about three years. They are currently testing the map on different computers in order to make sure that the map will work on “weaker” computers.

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