Candy Crush Saga Cheats – To Help You Move through the Tougher Levels of this Free Download

Everyone knows that Candy Crush Saga is a highly addictive game.

It is also true that even though some of the levels seem very simple, they are very difficult to win. Some of the game levels are very tedious and players tend to get stuck on them. Therefore, a lot of people keep searching for cheats on a daily basis, trying to regain lost ground and beating their friends on their Leaderboards. Candy Crush can be challenging at times, and the cheats help you get past difficult situations where you get stuck. Here are some of the best tips and cheats to ace this game.

Find Matching Candy

You can create a lot of bonus moves by correctly matching candies in color and shape. If you match 4 candies together, you get the striped candies which can be used to break an entire line in one go. You can also create a wrapped candy by matching 5 different candies together to make an L or T shaped formation. These wrapped candies burst twice, clearing away 8 candies around it. You can also create a colored bomb by matching 5 candies in a row. Any of these two special candies can be combined to form a super special candy which has powerful effects. These combinations are extremely powerful and can clear a large chunk of obstacles out.


There are some boosters and charms that can be used to help you when you are stuck. Some of these boosters are free but some are not. If you exhaust your free boosters, you can buy more of them. You can also request your friends for some of these boosters and they can send you these as free gifts over Facebook. Boosters are the best and easiest way to clear a level.


Chocolate is one of the most difficult blocker to deal with. During the early stages of your game, chocolate can spawn on a new block every time you do not attack one. These blockers can multiply and that is why they are so difficult to clear. Some of the other, more difficult blockers come in later stages. Chocolate fountains are one of these more difficult blockers to attack because they can regenerate even after you have cleared all the chocolate from your grid. Bombs are another annoying blocker which can make life difficult for you. These are colored like every other piece of candy on the board and can be rid only by making a colored combination with similarly colored candies. Licorice presents itself in the form of swirls which can be removed by making a move next to them. However, licorice X, a blocker that turns up later on, can be cleared using special candies. Some of the other critical blockers include Meringue which looks like an ice cream and a multilayer meringue – both of which are rather easy to handle. Marmalade is also a blocker similar to licorice X, and it also has to be attacked using special candies. If you follow these instructions, you would be able to progress much further in your game.

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