Clash of Clans 7.65.3 Free Latest APK Available For Download

Clash of Clans is a strategy type of game that’s available for mobile devices that run on iOS or Android. The game was firstly released on iOS in August 2012 and on Android in October 2013. Currently, the game seems to be more popular on Android, even if it got released a bit later for Google’s mobile OS.

In Clash of Clans, you will get a village, which you will need to protect and construct/upgrade buildings inside of it. As your Town Hall gets higher (it’s the main building in the village), more buildings will get unlocked and you will be able to construct them. In order to construct/upgrade buildings, train troops and create spells, you will need resources which can be gained by raiding other villages. There are also buildings which can gather a small amount of resources but the most effective way to get resources is by raiding other villages and stealing their resources.

While raiding in Clash of Clans, you will need to know the pros and cons of each troop you have. For example, Giants are good defensive units, which can stay in the front lines, while the archers and wizards are good damage dealers with low hp which need to be protected and to be kept in the back lines.

When you’ll gain some experience and learn how the game works, you should build the Clan Castle. This structure can be re-built when your Town Hall reaches level 3 and once it’s rebuilt, you are allowed you to join a Clan and make clan wars. The Clan Wars are quite nice and if your Clan wins the war, you and its members will receive a good amount of resources.

Changes that Clash of Clans version 7.65.3 comes with

– New building added: The Air Sweeper – a defensive building which will push all the air units away from your village
– Preview your troops: right before attacking a village, you will see a preview of all the available troops that you can use in that raid
– Ability to change the name (just once)
– Ability to bookmark 30 Clans and compare them when you want.

Clash of Clans 7.65.3 APK: How to install

It is quite easy to install Clash of Clans 7.65.3 on your Android device. You just need to open the Google Play Store and search for Clash of Clans. Once it finds it, tap on it and select install to start downloading and installing the game on your Android device. When the installation completes, you can start playing this awesome game on your Android device!

Have you installed Clash of Clans 7.65.3 APK on your Android device yet? Tell us your thoughts about the new version of Clash of Clans!

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