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Up to now, Google has never allocated any resources to develop apps for Windows Phone and its operating system.

It would seem as if Google was deliberately maintaining distance from Windows. However, with the launch of Android on Windows phones, Windows users have become a little more hopeful. A popular notion is that Google does not give much attention to Windows Phone users because their numbers are almost insignificant compared to the combined number of users for Android and iOS.

Google Chrome for Windows Phone

Though the Google team has not yet come out with Chrome for Windows Phone, it has developed a version for Windows 8. While making this version for the new Windows operating system, Google’s engineers have suggested that the door towards making more such applications for Windows is now open. In fact, a senior engineer even suggested that large chunks from the modern Chrome, especially designed for the Windows 8 UI can be recycled to build the application for the phone.

Who Wants Chrome for Windows Phone?

Google is one of the leaders in the producer of some of the best applications for smartphones. The lack of the technology giant’s activity in the Windows Phones arena is somewhat disheartening, especially for the user base. A lot of people do not consider using Windows Phones simply because these smartphones do not have access to the greatest of Google’s applications that are available to both iOS and Android user. This, amounts to a huge missed opportunity for Windows Phone, which is still struggling to make a dent in the sales of Android and iOS devices.

What Else is New?

Google is not only launching its Chrome browser for Windows users, but also for OSX users. Till now, Chrome browser was only compatible with Windows based PCs and Android phones. However, Google launched its latest version of Chrome for Mac earlier in March this year. Though Google has already launched a browser for Mac it has still not released any official information on when, if at all, it would release the browser for Windows Phone. However, experts feel that the Windows Phone 8.1 could come out with a lot of new and interesting features including Google apps and Chrome browser support.

Why is it Preferable for Windows to have Chrome?

Though Chrome is just a browser, the fact is that for those who are used to Android phones, using Google Chrome on Windows phone will make the transition from an Android device to a Windows device much easier. Till now, Windows 8 phones have a real lack of options when it comes to web browsing. With Chrome, it not only gets a full-fledged browser, but also gets support from Google. With Chrome, Windows phone could actually open a window to allow further Google apps to enter into the platform and enhance its performance. This is highly desirable for both the Windows phone developers and users. A lot more people would be inclined to use the Windows phone if they knew that it offered Google apps.

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